List of awesome ways to clean garages you never knew

List of awesome ways to clean garages you never knew

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It’s fair to say that cleaning our own house is one of the hardest tasks that we need to do, including cleaning our garage.

As a place that we usually use to store our old and used belongings, it’s not a surprise that sometimes we leave our garage neglected.

Therefore, here are some awesome ways you can try to clean your garage that you may never know.


1. Eliminating the Clutter

This is the first and basic thing you have to do whenever you start a cleaning project in every kind of room or place. Eliminating the clutter in your garage does not always mean that you have to get rid of everything there. Usually, when you start with this step, you will find so many old belongings in your garage. Do not simply throw them since they may be useful later.

Eliminating the clutter can also be called reorganizing your garage. Reach all the corners of your garage to make sure that you do not miss any single area. It’s a sure thing that you will find you old stuff and belongings that are probably have been there for so many years ago.

Since you are suggested to not simply throw them, there are some things you may do to them. Look at the stuff you find, whether you want to clean them then keep them or not. If you do not want to keep them, you can sell, donate or recycle them since they may be useful for other people. If you think that those stuff are already too old and unnecessary to be kept, then you can trash them.

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2. Creating Organized Storage Installment

If you only have one garage, make the most of it. Keep not only your old stuff but also arrange your tools or other things there; from children toys, sport equipments or gardening stuff if you have. Then, install some storage stuff. Hooks, shelves and baskets are going to help you a lot in organizing your messy garage.

If you think that your garage is wide enough, install the hooks, shelves and baskets separated from each other. That way, you will be easier in classifying your stuff and rearrange them to look tidier. Installing those stuff will also ease you to find your belonging since you do not mix them at one area.

3. Flying Garage

This idea is really worth trying. Keeping all your belonging on your floor level and hoping that they do not produce any dirt is impossible. The longer you keep your stuff on the floor, the more dirt they will produce. Even if you have cleaned and swept them every day, the dirt will be always produced. The solution is by creating a flying garage. But how does it work?

All you need to do is to maximize the space on your upper garage. You can simply use a storage rack or a garage ceiling to store your stuff on the upper space. Moving your stuff from the floor to the upper space will ease you in cleaning them since the dirt cannot hide like when you keep your stuff on the floor anymore.

4. Creating Kids-Friendly Garage

This idea will be useful for all your kids’ toys. If most of your kids’ toys are made of plastic, you can never leave them outside. Since most of kids toys are made of plastic, you have to keep them out of the sun as much as possible. Therefore, you can maximize your garage to store your kids’ toys to keep the out of the sun.

However, to make it kids-friendly, you need to utilize practical things to store their toys. In this case, you can simply use medium-sized baskets as the place to store the toys. Install some hooks first at some points in your garage then you can hang the baskets there. This way will keep your kids toys safe and clean.

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5. Repairing Cracks in Floor

If you think that you have done your best to your stuff in your garage, it’s time to think about the floor. Assuming that you try to apply all the ideas above, you must have kept all your stuff from the floor. If so, you can start cleaning the floor. Repair any flaws or cracks in your concrete. This idea may require you to do a big project but the result will not betray you.

Having a garage with clean and shiny floor is possible. Once you have done the big project, you need to keep all your stuff on the upper space of your garage. Put only the heavy stuff on the floor if it’s not possible for you to store them to the upper space.

6. Painting the Garage

Believe it or not, changing the color of your garage will give you new spirit. Besides, your garage will also look like new. If you plan to apply this idea, make sure that you have organized your stuff properly. Be careful when you paint the garage so that you will not sully your stuff.

Talking about the color, you also need to look for the color that suits your garage the most. However, bright colors are usually more preferable since it will make you easier in arranging and organizing your stuff. Applying bright colors will also make your garage will look always cleaner than it used to be.

7. Maintaining Garage Door

The last but not least, some home owners forget about their garage door. The door is as important as any other parts of your garage. Therefore, spend more time for maintenance on your garage door. Do routine check just to make sure that your garage door still works well. It will allow you to keep working in your garage worry free and safely.

As one of many parts of our house, sometimes most of us forget about how important our garage is. Now that you know that maintaining your garage is also important, it’s never too late to take care of your garage.

List of awesome ways to clean garages you never knew. Get Ideas

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