How to Decorate A Garage Wall

How to Decorate A Garage Wall To Be A Functional Space

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Garage is the first place for you to step when you arrive at home. Seeing a mundane car storage is not helping you to relax.

Piled up tools in the corner can get you stressed out instead. Start your weekend project to lighten up the mood in the garage. Simple organizing and installation will make a big difference.

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1. Add Accent to The Wall

Being clean is important for the garage. Dust and stain on the floor is easy to clean. Then what about the wall? Floor tile is a great item for this purpose.

The price is cheap, you can find them in any store, and could be applied on both ground and panel. Also, you can pick one of your favorites from the abundance pattern and color.

Simply install floor tile up to chest height. This way, you can clean with ease.


2. Utilize the Wall for Storage

Another function of the garage is a temporary storage room for literally anything you do not use inside the house.

Piling up things and boxes will limit your mobility and also shrink the space. Put them in the stacked up organizer. Go to the store and find tracks with hook. It is easy to install and to unmount.

You can also set the size to match the boxes you are going to use. Putting old shelf close to the wall is also a good thing. You can use it to keep the cleaning product and tools.

The point is: explore the wall! For small garage with limited space, you just need to hang everything.

A lot of helping tools are available: peg rail, peg board, wall organizer, and many more. Choose one that suit your budget and style.

Garage wall decorating ideas

3. Make Room for Tools

There are a lot of reparation works at home. Sometimes they need immediate actions. It is frustrating when you are not able to find the required tool at the critical situation.

Keep them in a special tool box that allows you to identify when a tool is missing. To make everything simple, you can use pegboard.

There are two kinds of pegboard: hardboard and steel. Both packages include the hooks for hanging tools. You can always re-arrange the equipment.

Another option for the storing tool is by using the magnetic strips. Some repair tasks involve drilling, which require different size of drill eyes.

These small items will be pulled by the magnetic force, helping you to keep them checked.


4. Provide Mud Room

You know you need separated place to remove and store the shoes. Unless you want to sweep the floor each time someone comes in, another space except the terrace should be accessible.

The garage fits just well for this goal. Install a simple shelf with horizontal bar.

Add some hangers for the raincoat or jacket. The space in the lower space could be utilized as muddy shoes box.

If you have a big family, you can stick each family member’s name on the top shelf. It will help with the organizing task.

Performing as multipurpose room, a garage needs to maintain its hygiene and function. Spacious free space to support the mobility is also important. It does not have to be the heavy part in the beginning. Upgrading the function and decorating the appearance together are fun. Plan your weekend ahead to decorate the garage.

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Outdoor garage wall decor with plane sticker design
Outdoor garage wall decor with plane sticker design, image by

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