How to Decorate Large Shelves

How to Decorate Large Shelves: The Smart Moves

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So, you have a big shelf that can accommodate most of your items. Congratulation, you can now manage them easily with one place arrangement.

However, things can go south if you are making a wrong decoration action.

Just because you have a big shelf, it doesn’t mean that you can throw everything on the shelf and mindlessly arrange them.

If you want to achieve a visually appealing outcome, there are some unwritten rules to follow.

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1. Work with Triangles

To create something with symmetry and appeal, you should work with triangles. Let’s say that you have a three-row shelf. By using some of the objects with the same color, you can achieve a good outcome.

You place a back photo frame on the left, white mirror in the middle, and blue accessory at the right on the upper row. Below, you place the white big candle on the left, blue vase in the middle, and silver paperweight.

On the lowest row, you place a gold small status, a white clock, and a blue candle holder. If you see from this arrangement, the white and blue items are creating a triangle pattern. You don’t have to follow this example, but you get the idea, right?


2. Use Simple Color

The color palette is important because it can determine whether your shelves are magazine worthy or not. Work with the color of the shelf, the backdrop color, and the wall color.

If you have a white shelf with green wall and yellow backdrop, placing the items on the shelf with similar color will create a harmonious feel. Or, you don’t have to match the colors of the shelf, wall, or backdrop.

You can choose the colors of the accessories and group them together. If the shelf is big and wide, it doesn’t hurt to divide them.

For instance, all the items on the upper row are black while the items on the left are purple. You would be surprised to know that such color arrangement can be fun and exciting!

Large floating shelves

3. Play with Textures and Shapes

Managing all of the items in the shelf in the same manner will be boring. Remember the type of book arrangement in the library? Not so attractive, huh? You have the freedom to do anything with your shelf so be creative with it.

If you want to combine the books with the other items, you can do so. Arranging some of the books and then have a photo frame within the same row can be quite ideal. You can also combine the stacking piles of books with the vertical book arrangement.

4. Add Baskets

If you want to create a visual appeal without having to show the mess, use the baskets. There are limitless of attractive and stylish baskets these days.

Place them on the shelf and you can hide your secrets. If your shelf is big and wide, you don’t need to have everything replaced by the baskets.

The upper rows can be the display area while the baskets are for the lower rows. Sounds like a good idea?

Large wall mounted shelves

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