Mustard yellow bedroom decor inspiration

Mustard Yellow Home Décor Ideas

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What is the perfect color for a house? Some house owners loves pastel colors, keeping the tone soft.

Several others prefer to follow the trend, and frequently change the decoration.

One popular color that becomes the talk of the town is mustard yellow.

What could be done to add the color without messing the overall concept of the room?

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1. Purchasing Cloth and Utensils

Unless the house owners are willing to buy the entire furniture, the easiest way to add mustard yellow tone is buying cloth and utensils.

Of course, the color must be mustard yellow. Don’t forget to list the items that should be bought. For the living room, get one or two pillow covers and table cloth.

Mustard yellow living room decor ideas

If the house owners also want to spice up the kitchen, add napkins, glass, bowls or small plates on the list. Later when preparing for the dinner, contrasting yellow mustard bowl and white or black plate will emit different vibe.

Mustard yellow kitchen decor ideas

Thinking about the items for bedroom? Simply add yellow mustard blanket or curtain. So easy to do that, right!

Mustard yellow bedroom decor inspiration

2. Combining Colors

Many house owners will agree that mustard yellow doesn’t go well with any colors. Thus, a very serious thought should be given for those who plan to add this warm tone to the house.

The first safe pairing is light blue. This could be the wall paint or even any decorations. It would be great to give a touch of gray.

Mustard yellow and blue living room
mustard yellow and blue living room. Image:

Another perfect pair for mustard yellow is plain white. Adding the color makes the space warmer and more lively. Want more option? Try to pair the warm tone with muted colors shade for the wall painting. A touch of emerald green will go well in the frame, too.

Mustard yellow and white bedroom decor ideas
Mustard yellow and white bedroom decor ideas. Image: DESIGNLOVESDETAIL.COM

For bold statement, nothing could beat blue navy. It serves as the contrast pairing, especially when the gray blue is added as the shade.

These three colors might seem as if they try to dominate each other. Don’t worry, the view would be perfect with thin line of gold.

3. Adding Wallpaper

The plan to have yellow mustard as permanent color in the house is not for everyone. Some people want it for certain period, then they will replace it with new color.

In this case, the perfect solution for them is using wallpaper. There are lots of choices available, both for plain yellow mustard and patterned wallpaper.

In addition to the color, the house owner must worry about the impact of the pattern as well. For example, adding too much yellow (making it dominant) might not work in a room with strong color.

It would be different for a room that has yellow hue in the beginning. The mustard tone would be a perfect puzzle piece.

Those who plan to add patterned wallpaper must decide the effect of it. Choosing folk print? Then the room will get garden feel. Taking abstract pattern like jacquard? Be prepared to summon the luxury vibe.

Mustard yellow living room wallpaper
Mustard yellow living room wallpaper
Mustard yellow bedroom wallpaper
Mustard yellow bedroom wallpaper

4. Finding the Matching Pair

If there is one season that matches well with yellow mustard, it will be autumn. During this season, the weather is starting to get cold, so adding warm tone will make the space more comfortable than before. The house owner could make things better by pairing yellow mustard with its perfect match.

a). Autumn Wreath

The beginning of autumn season could be seen from the brown leaves and less colorful flowers. Create simple wreath from garden plants or simply order it. Hang on the front door to prepare the guest of the yellow mustard tone surprise inside.

Yellow Wreaths for Front Door

b). Table Setting

Make the dinner special with the matching utensils; yellow bowl, copper edged plates and silver cutlery. Don’t forget the cream napkin wrapped in twigs or autumn grass. These items are available in any super market.

Mustard yellow table setting

5. Making Monogram Letter

For those house owners who are into DIY project, then the monogram letter will be the best choice. Prepare the materials first before starting the project.

They are thin wood, brush, blue tack or velco square, mustard yellow latex paint, and brown acrylic paint. All of these could be bought in material shop nearby. Ask help from local carpenter to cut the thin wood into the wanted initial. Make sure the surface is smooth enough.

Otherwise, the result won’t be pretty. Sand the wood if needed. Stick the velcro on the back side.  Grab the brush and apply two layers of latex paint. It should be enough to cover the wood. Allow to dry before coating it with brown acrylic paint. Let it dry thoroughly. Stick it to the wall.

Wood mustard yellow monogram letters for wall

6. Giving Stencil Look to the Shelf

For a statement, the house owner need something bold, or at least eye catching for the visitors. With a little effort of painting, the boring book shelf could be the center piece of the room. To make the process easier, it is better to purchase the stencil tools. It helps a lot to prevent the leak and the tool could be used again in another project.

The other materials are easy to get: yellow mustard paint, roller, foam brush, small brush. If there is no bookshelves in the house, just take any furniture with wide plain space for the project.

Those who never work with stencil tools before should watch the video. In short, the right way to stencil is overlapping the previous work. The more they practice, the bigger chance to get smooth and tidy result.

The first tool to use is the roller. It will cover most surface. Then take the small brush to fill the empty dots, especially in the corner. If there is any stuck debris or dirt, slightly dab with the foam brush.

Cover the crook by gently tapping on the crack. Repeat the process by flipping the stencil tools. After all parts have been painted, allow the shelf to dry.

Mustard yellow shelves living room decor ideas

7. Create Mustard yellow Boho-Chick Decor

Combine yellow, gold, and ochre for Bohemian living room decor. Flower pot and painting art will be good combination.

Mustard yellow and gold for Boho Chick living room decor ideas

The color trend of the year is constantly rotating. Now, it is the era of yellow mustard! Hanging between deep orange and soft sunset color, mustard yellow successfully steals many people’s attention. Are you interested to give it a try, too?

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