Monochromatic fireplace and wall contemporary room design

Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas for All Cozy Feels

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Fireplace is often something people avoid when it comes to contemporary decoration. It seems too bulky and huge for minimalist room.

Meanwhile, a fireplace effectively elevates the value of a room when you know what you need.

Of course, you need to work on the design and layout so it is a compatible addition in your room.

Check out the following designs of contemporary fireplace for inspiration.

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1. Corner Blend

While most fireplaces take the center space on one of your walls, you can also try placing it on one of the room corners. While making it discreet, you should consider using stones with charcoal color and texture on the surface for minimalist yet grand look.

Corner fireplace living room ideas

2. Make It Rustic

Sometimes, a fireplace is already simple enough. If you want a little accent on the design, you should consider going simple. One of the best ways include naked wall exposing the bricks on the background a pile of woods on one side.

Contemporary brick fireplace ideas

3. Marbled Fireplace

If you want a completion on your modern room, consider refinishing your fireplace with white marble. Pick a shade of white that is consistent with your wall on the background. For sophisticated final touch, add matte black mantel for it. Now you have perfect fireplace.

White marble contemporary fireplace

4. Brick in Metallic Finish

If your room has plenty of natural light, you should consider reflecting it. While leaving the fireplace in matte finish is great, layering the surface with metallic bricks is way better. It looks shiny which makes the entire fireplace looks more sophisticated.

Metal brick fireplace contemporary design ideas

5. Black Marble

Black marble is one of the most recommended materials to make a statement. Cover the background wall of your fireplace with this. While it looks sophisticated, it instantly makes your fireplace the center of attention again. It delivers bold and elegant look at the same time indeed.

Black marble fireplace modern

6. Nested

This is maybe one of the most forgotten designs. The lines and layers make it a more interesting design while it is still being simple and minimalist. You can finish it in any color or material and it will still look contemporary.

Modern fireplace montana ski chalet

7. Marble

Marble fireplace delivers elegant as well as divine finish for a fireplace. This can be infused in simple design, which makes perfect combination for a rich look. You can combine it with wood, plain wall, or anything else you can imagine. You can even go wild with pattern.

Contemporary marble fireplace mantels

8. Herringbone Pattern

Let’s try something different and fun. While the frame of your fireplace will be finished in any color you like, you can prefer darker and bolder color for the inside. Yes, finish it unique color and don’t forget to add herringbone pattern on it before refinishing.

Marble harringbone fireplace living room contemporary design ideas

9. Steel Fireplace Blackened

Steel fireplace is always considered charming today for being naturally simple, modern, and black. Black is closely associated with contemporary style. For a more bolder look, frame the fireplace with light colored wall, maybe using bricks for additional accent.

Black steel fireplace surround

10. Wood Burning Stove

This may sound like a rustic idea but it isn’t. Instead of using the ordinary fireplace, you can use the wood burning stove as your fireplace. Being small, it is perfect for modern look. For more contemporary feeling, refinish the stove with sleek paint in single color.

Wood Burning Stove fireplace ideas

11. Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace has the right form for being contemporary. With additional properties, it makes perfect indoor fireplace as well. For contemporary feeling, keep it simple and minimalist. Stack the wood pile on one side and keeping it light. Combine with low sofas for ultimate cozyness.

Outdoor fireplace contemporary patio

12. Black and Gold

Black makes almost any fireplace looks modern and contemporary. Of course, you need simpler design as well. Meanwhile, a touch of gold will make it a perfect fireplace with smooth lines and elegance at the same time. Be minimal on the gold for ultimate contemporary look.

Black and gold fireplace decor ideas

13. Inset Fireplace

This fireplace is perfect for both indoor and outdoor space. It gives you a perfect shape that fits every room. It doesn’t take a lot of room and it is totally clean and tidy. You only need to consider the finish to make sure the contemporary look is well presented.

Inset fireplace modern design ideas

14. Floor to Ceiling

Of course we don’t mean to make such big fireplace. The fireplace will on the common dimensions while the wall should vertically touch the ceiling. This wall refers to one covering the chimney. It gives roomier look and it allows you to get contemporary and elegant design at once.

Floor to ceiling fireplace modern

15. Monochromatic

Monochromatic is something new and modern. It makes a perfect design for contemporary room. You can opt for smaller or bigger size of fireplace. However, you need to finish it in monochrome shade. It changes the room into a more modern space instantly. Be simple yet playful in decorating.

Monochromatic fireplace and wall contemporary room design

16. Line with Black Brick

You don’t need to change a lot when it comes to contemporary fireplace. Finish it in any color the wall is right now. It gives consistent and simple finish on the fireplace. For firmer shape, line the frame with brick covered in matte black paint.

Black brick fireplace painted for contemporary room design ideas

17. Oversized with Glass

Oversized fireplace is very popular today. This is more a stretched rectangular fireplace. It goes horizontally and it makes a sophisticated focal point. To add the contemporary feeling, finish it with black and cover with shiny glass in black film. It looks expensive.

Modern glass fireplace design ideas

18. Narrow and Covered

If you room isn’t exactly large, you should consider smaller size. A narrow fireplace with modern line of design will be perfect for contemporary look. Meanwhile, you can add it with cover in different materials and color. For example, finish the frame with sandy color then bolder blue.

Modern narrow fireplace covered

19. Sleek, Small, and White

If your room is finished mostly in white, you can try adding a fireplace with the same consistent finish. It should be white. Choose a small and sleek modern fireplace to complete the room look. Place it as the focal point. While it gives you more room on the wall for pictures, it looks sophisticated and compact.

Small white fireplace decor cozy living contemporary design ideas

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