How to Light Gas Fireplace Pilot without Ignitor

How to Light Gas Fireplace Pilot without Ignitor

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Gas fireplace exists to provide us with the warmth without the need of cleaning up the ash as it’s powered by propane gas tank or simply a natural gas line.

This household fixture is actually easy to use and operate.

However, how to light the fireplace pilot when it doesn’t have any ignitor?

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First, Pay Attention to the Warning!

To begin with, you need to pay attention to the warning first. Make sure you read and also follow all the instructions coming with your fireplace. If you don’t follow the instructions exactly, an explosion or a fire may result.

Also, your house can just blow up and you and your family can die. It is not exaggerating but it is possible to happen. That’s why; please really pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturers and then activate your common sense whenever lighting the gas fireplace pilot.

One more important thing here is that you shouldn’t generalize any instructions from any manufacturers. A certain fireplace must come with its own instructions. Therefore, get the instructions card of your fireplace and pay attention to only that instructions card.

Know What to Do Before Lighting

Before you light your gas fireplace pilot, make sure that you smell around the location at which your fireplace is located. Smell for gas around. Also make sure that you smell next to the floor because some gas may get heavier than the air in the room and the gas will tend to settle on the floor.

If you do smell gas, don’t proceed! If you do smell gas in the room where the fireplace is located, make sure you do the following things:

Do not try to light any appliance in the room or simply keep any electronic appliances away from the fireplace or from the room; do not touch any electric switch in the room as it will be very dangerous; do not utilize any mobile phone inside the building, even in the rooms next to the location of the fireplace; reach the supplier of gas as soon as possible using your neighbor’s phone!

Don’t use your own phone; once you are able to reach them, follow any instructions given by the gas suppliers; finally, if you are not able to reach the supplier of your gas, you need to ring the fire department. Don’t belittle the destructive effects of gas that is leaking. Although the smell is just soft, it is still not recommended for you to light the fireplace. Stay alert and safe.

On the contrary, if you don’t smell any gas in the room or in the building, you can simply proceed to the next step of lighting the gas fireplace pilot.

Remove the Cover

To begin with, you need to remove the fireplace cover or any decorative cover of it so that you can reveal the control of the gas at the bottom of the fireplace unit that is located near the floor. Once you remove the cover, you will be able to find the gas shut-off value.

Then turn the fireplace’s handle parallel into the gas pipes’ direction so that you can turn the gas on. If you cannot see any valve, you may need to look at the area behind your fireplace. Find it there and then turn it on.

Pull Off the Assembly

Next up, you need to pull the assembly of the fixed glass off of your fireplace. Remember that this step is a critical precaution for your safety that can prevent any gas to build up if the pilot light is difficult to relight.

Locate the Dial

Now, locate the dial of the gas control. Then above the dial, you need to see any black or red button. Press that button 1x or 2x so that you can verify whether there is spark at the pilot tube’s end. If you fail to see any button, you need to manually light the flame.

Turn the Control of the Gas

Next up, turn the control of the gas until the setting of the pilot aligns to the mark located on the outer rim of that control. Make sure that you push that button in while pushing the starter. If after pushing the button the pilot does not light, wait for about 10 seconds before you push the button in again. Do not push the button again and again consecutively. Continue doing this step until you can start the pilot.

Light the Flame

Now, it is time for you to light the flame. You can light it using long-barreled lighter or a match. When lighting it, you need to hold the button of gas control down, while at the same time you hold the lighted match’s end or hold the lighter at the pilot tube’s end. If you are able to do this step correctly, you will see the pilot start lighting as soon as that flame is getting closer.

Hold the Button Down

The next step is holding down the pilot button. Do that step for about twenty seconds so that you can give the fireplace enough thermocouple time to be heated up. Once it is heated up, release the button. At this step, the pilot of the fireplace is supposed to stay lit. However, if it doesn’t happen that way, it means you need to relight it again. Besides, you may need hold the button down again but now for a little bit longer.

Turn It On

Finally, turn the button to the on position. After that, replace the assembly of the fixed glass and also the decorative cover of your fireplace. If you are done with this step, it means you are finished with lighting your fireplace. Now, it is the time for you to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while having your chilling time.

So, that is more or less the instructions of lighting gas fireplace pilot with no ignitor. Once more, pay attention to what the manufacturers of your fireplace say on the instructions card and follow it. Before lighting the fireplace, check whether or not there is any smell of gas. That’s all for your safety!

How to Light Gas Fireplace Pilot without Ignitor. Guide.

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