Best Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Get Ready for The Halloween: Best Pumpkin Painting Ideas

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Halloween is a celebration that getting more popular not only in the USA but also in other countries.

Even the main purpose of Halloween is to remember the dead, but nowadays Halloween is identic with the costume party, trick or treat, and decoration.

One of the decorations that are always related to Halloween is the carving or painted pumpkins.

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1. Painting vs Carving Pumpkins

Currently, people are more into the painted than the carving pumpkins. Carving pumpkins could be a very hard work to do.

It is also messy since you need to take out the inside. Painting pumpkins are easier since you don’t need to worry about the inside part. It could be a fun activity to do with your kids.

2. Spooky Pumpkins

Spooky is always related to Halloween. So why don’t go with spooky decoration that could make your guests getting excited and thrilled at your Halloween party?

First, you can stick Halloween adhesive cut-outs which have many forms such as bats, birds and bugs. Next step, paint the entire pumpkin with black colour, let it dry and remove the adhesive cut-outs.

Spooky painted pumpkins ideas

3. Animal Themes Pumpkin

These probably will be the most favourite pumpkins for the children. You can create many animals from pumpkins. Some of the ideas are cow, sheep, owl, bunny, piglet and bat pumpkins. Below are steps to create the bunny, piglet and bat pumpkin.

  • Bunny Pumpkin.

You can use the white pumpkin or paint the orange pumpkin into ivory colour. Then, you make the ears and nose using the stencils, glue these to the pumpkin. For the eyes, you could use the top from oak nuts.

Bunny painted pumpkins

  • Piglet Pumpkin.

Use the white pumpkin or paint it with light pink or white colour. then you could make the ears and nose by yourself or using any template that you could find on the internet. Make sure to have a pink colour for these ears and nose.

Next, you could use the hot glue to attach these ears and nose to the pumpkin. Use black paint to draw the eyes and nostrils. Don’t forget to glue the tail by twisting small pink paper or pipe cleaners in coils. Have one big size and a few small sizes so you could have the Piglet family joining the Halloween party.

Piglet pumpkins painting ideas

  • Bat Pumpkin.

Use white pumpkin and paint the half section with gold colour. After it dries, you could glue black satin ribbon that you cut the ends, so it looks like wings.

Painted bat pumpkin ideas

4. Fall Theme Pumpkins

Halloween is celebrated on 31 October which is in the fall season. Therefore, fall theme pumpkins will be a match decoration for your Halloween Party. Halloween decoration doesn’t have to be always spooky and you could use these beautiful ideas.

All you need to do is trace leaves onto colourful tissue paper and then use mod podge to stick it to the pumpkin.  You also could use the real leaves and stick it to the white pumpkin using the mod podge.

Fall pumpkin painting ideas

5. Write the Pumpkins

Another brilliant idea that is quite easy is to write the pumpkins with some words. Paint the pumpkins with black colour and write BOO or Trick or Treat with bright colours.

Another idea is to paint the pumpkin with any bright colours that you like then write the Halloween-themed funny phrases with black marker. You also could use pumpkin as the decoration in front of your house and write the address number on it.

Words to write on pumpkins

6. Blackboard Drawings

To make a different pumpkin decoration than any other house, paint the entire pumpkin with a chalkboard spray-paint and you can draw spiderweb or write down spooky phrases with a white colour of chalk marker.

Pumpkin chalk paint

7. Play with the Colours

Halloween is identic with the pumpkin, black or white colour. But nowadays, people start to add colourful decoration to the Halloween party. Why not start it with the colourful pumpkin? You even can have the children to do this fun activity together.

Make sure to put some cover to the table or floor to avoid the stains, then you can pour different colours of paint from the top. You could also paint the entire pumpkin with different kinds of oil pastel pumpkin.

You could make an ombre pumpkin by painting it with three different shades. Once it finished you could put a black sticker to replace the carving. Wants to have a bright neon colour pumpkin? Paint the whole pumpkin with white colour in matte finishing then drip it into the neon paint, turn upside down for a short time so it could give the drips effect.

Colorful pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Colorful pumpkin painting ideas for kids. Image:

8. Other Ornaments on the Painted Pumpkins

Use other ornaments to level up the painted pumpkin decoration. Below are some ideas of the additional ornaments that you could use

  • Floral Pumpkin.

Why don’t you try to make this beautiful girly pumpkin? After you paint the whole pumpkin with the colour that you want and let it dry. Drill small holes and you could stick the fresh flowers as the decoration.

Floral pumpkin painting
  • Use the metal thumbtacks to create the wording.

First, you need to paint your pumpkin in any matte colour. Then use a pencil to write down the word on the pumpkin, keep it short to make it clear to read. The last step is using a hammer and tapping the head of thumbtacks on the wording.

  • Use Sequin for glittery look pumpkin.

Paint the pumpkin into white or any pale colour. then you could glue the sequin and make it as a small circle on the pumpkin. Repeat to any empty space of the pumpkin and you will have the glittery polka dots pumpkin.

  • Glitter Pumpkin.

Whatever you choose the colour for the body of the pumpkin, you can stick the glitter on the stem with glue to make the colour pop up.

Glitter pumpkin painting

Halloween is a fun celebration holiday to spend with friends and family. Children are always looking forward to Halloween because of the costumes, candies, fun games and the decoration. Decorating the pumpkins are no longer exhausting activity and you could keep your children busy. Will you try one of the ideas from the painted pumpkin above?

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