How to Clean a Jetted Tub

How to Clean a Jetted Tub

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A Jacuzzi tab is such the best place to have a relaxing time after a long day at work.

Yet, the Jacuzzi time can be disappointing when you find the tub full of mold and bacteria.

Clean your jetted tub with the following steps:

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1. Cleaning a Jetted Tub Using Household Supplies

Cleaning your beloved jetted tub doesn’t necessarily require you to buy costly equipment and materials.

You can even rely on household supplies you already have in your house. Here is the way to clean the tub with household supplies with steps:

  • Fill your tub with hot water until it reaches about 10 cm of the height of the tub.
  • Turn off the valve of the induction of the air to make sure that what is going through the pipe is only water not water mixed with air.
  • Add 50 ml of cleanser to hot water. One of the cleansers you can use is powdered dishwashers detergent. You can also use Cascade Complete as well. Just make sure you don’t use any acidic detergent. Some manufacturers of jetted tub don’t recommend the use of acidic detergent as it can damage the tub. Make sure you don’t miss this information so that you will not damage your tub instead of cleaning it.
  • Add 100 ml of bleach. This solution is a great disinfectant for your tub. However, before using it, you need to make sure that the manufacturer of your tub recommends the use of it for the tub’s maintenance or not.
  • Next, run the tub’s jet for about 10 – 15 minutes by setting the jets into the maximum pressure. Then, turn the jet on. Be ready to witness some disgusting stuff coming out from the jet.
  • After that, drain your tub, clean the residue out, and then refill the jetted tub with some cold water.
  • Then, run your jets for about 10 minutes to thoroughly rinse every single thing out.
  • Then, drain your tub and then clean the tub thoroughly. Once this step is done, you are done. Go get yourself ready for your relaxing bath.

How to Clean a Jetted Tub Using Household Supplies

2. Cleaning a Jetted Tub with Cascade Complete

Cascade Complete is just another household supply that you can use to clean your jetted. Here are the steps you can use to clean your jetted tub using cascade complete.

  • First, fill your tub with some hot water. Make sure the water reaches the level of 15 cm above the holes of the air injector.
  • Add some Cascade Complete to the tub and also add 10 milliliter of dish washing detergent into the tub. Cascade Complete is really a great cleanser for your jetted tub. Try to see how it works later.
  • Add 100 ml of bleach. Before using the bleach, make sure you read the manual instruction of your jetted tub to find out whether the use of bleach is allowed by the manufacturers. Some manufacturers don’t recommend the use of this as it can damage the tub by drying out the tub’s internal gaskets. Follow what the manufacturers of your jetted tub recommend so that your tub can be long lasting.
  • Turn the air blower on for about two minutes to let the water mix with the cleanser.
  • After two minutes, shut the air blower down to let the bath soaks in the mixture. Let it soak for about two hours.
  • Turn air bath on and let it run for about five minutes.
  • Then, turn the air bath off and also the drain tub. After that, thoroughly clean the jetted tub to avoid any residue. After this step, your cleaning process is done. If you are now in the mood for bathing, this is the perfect time.

Cascade Complete

3. Cleaning a Jetted Tub with a Biofilm Remover

Another great way to clean your jetted tub is using a biofilm remover. Over time, a jetted tub like yours will develop lots of stubborn combinations of biofilms in their tubing. Such bio films aren’t really penetrated with just any household cleaners.

Bio films can also potentially bring dangerous or harmful bacteria. Therefore, you need to remove them. To do that, you can use particular cleaners that are designed especially for such purpose. Here are the steps to clean your jetted tub with bio films:

  • Find the instructions written on the container, read, and follow the instructions carefully. Following those instructions are important to make sure you can avoid any potential injury and or damage to the tub.
  • Next, fill some warm water to your jetted tub. If you are not sure about the amount of water that needs pouring into the tub, you just need to make sure the water can cover those jets. After that, turn on the jets.
  • Now that you have read the instructions on the biofilm remover container, you know the recommended amount that can be used. Add the right amount of the biofilms to water in the tub and then run those jets in your tub in a specified interval. If it is initial cleaning, you need to run that tub for about one hour. If it is done for maintenance, you need to occupy the biofilm remover in a lighter concentration. Also, you need to run the water in a shorter duration which is about 10 up to 15 minutes.
  • Next, you need to drain the jetted tub and also to clean any invisible residue that you can find around the tub’s sides. After that, refill your tub again until the jets are covered with water. Next, run it again for another few minutes and after that drain it. After you are sure that you no longer see any reside on the sides, you now can use the tub as usual. Go enjoy your bathing time in your clean and enjoyable jetted tub.

Cleaning a tub is not a complicated task to do. All you need is to choose the right method and to know the steps of the cleaning process. The main materials you need to do the cleaning is also simple. You only need household supplies that you may have already had in your home.

Cleaning a Jetted Tub with a Biofilm Remover

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