How to Clean Vicks Humidifier

How to Clean Vicks Humidifier

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Vicks Humidifiers are made to help the users get temporary relief from congestion and cough.

Such humidifiers occupy special filters that are designed to get rid of smoke, dust, pollen, and many other kinds of contaminants and odors during operation.

Therefore, maintaining the clearance of Vicks humidifiers is important. Take a look at the following steps to find out how to do the cleaning:

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Daily Cleaning

The cleaning of your vicks humidifier can be done in two ways: daily cleaning and weekly cleaning. To decide which way suits you the best, check each of the following steps and then adjust them to your need and available time. Now, let’s see how to do the daily cleaning.

  • To begin with, turn off the humidifier’s cool mist by unplugging the cord from wall outlet. You need to do this daily cleaning on a surface that is flat and big enough. To ease you cleaning process, make sure you have adequate space.
  • Next, pull the water tank out and also the water tray on the models using V3100 or other removable containers. Then attach the tank and the tray to the base of the cool mist. Freeing the water tank lets you lift the tray out. When you are doing this step, make sure you always work carefully so that you will not damage wicking filter. If it is with Cool Mist that comes with no water tank like V400, you need to take the top housing off and then lay the top housing upside down on a stable and flat surface. You also need to make sure not to rest the housing on water pickup tube that can damage the housing.
  • Remove the cap of the water tank and then get out of any water. After that, flush that container using fresh and warm water. Remember! Don’t use hot water for the ones like V3100 that comes with a water tank that is separated from the tray. If the models are Cool Mist (such as V400) that lack water tank and water base, you need to empty that base from any water. Then flush the base using warm water and then wipe the base down with a paper towel or a clean cloth.
  • Wipe down the surface of the water tank and the tray thoroughly. Then, over the top housing’s exterior (V400), run a clean and dry cloth. Only use a dry cloth as the moist one can trigger an electric shock. Then clean the unit’s remainder, then the base, and also the cord. Then grab a damp cloth and keep cleaning.

Vicks humidifier cool mist

Weekly Cleaning

If you happen to have less spare time to clean your vicks humidifier, you can conduct this weekly cleaning. The steps are different from the daily cleaning. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Empty the water tank and then flush the tank using warm water. After that, set the tank aside (V3900 and V3100) temporarily. Then turn the V3100 on. With its tank removed, let the air flows thru the humidifier’s wicking filter. You need to stop the flow when you find the filter is already dry. Then turn the humidifier off and thus unplug the humidifier from the wall. If you currently cleaning a V400 model, the ones lacking water tanks, turn the modifier off and then unplug it before removing the top housing. Then dump any remaining water out, wipe it down, and dry it.
  • Next, bring the wicking filter up from the tray and then pull it straight up to prevent the filter from being torn. This method is applicable for both models, the V3900 and the V3100. The V400 one is a bit different because it uses cartridge filters fitting into its top housing. On the contrary, clean the filters and then replace them.
  • Pull the water try out so that you can separate the water tray from the water base. Do this to V3100. Then pour one or two cups of undiluted vinegar into water tray. Let is set without being disturbed for about 20 – 30 minutes. For V3900 and V400, you need to dampen a sponge or a cloth using straight vinegar and then wipe the base out in the inside to eliminate the scale. Then rinse it using warm water.
  • Next, detach the V400’s pickup tube and then clean its unit thoroughly. Rotate that tube to the direction indicated by the arrow by making the top housing upside down. Prepare a bowl of undiluted vinegar and soak the tube in it for about twenty minutes so that the scale deposit can be loosened. Then wipe down the top housing’s interior using a sponge or cloth that is already dampened in vinegar. Don’t forget to clean the area around the tube hole too.
  • Next, wipe the water tray of V3100’s interior with a sponge or a cloth that is dampened with vinegar. Do the wiping as if you are washing a roasting pan from the inside. You need to make sure that you can remove all the scale deposits when the tray is soaked in the vinegar. After that, rinse it using warm water.
  • Next, rinse the pickup tube of Vicks Cool Mist using warm water. Remember that you need to do this step and the previous ones using warm water only. Run the warm water thru the pickup tube and also on the outer part of it.
  • Finally, clean the Vicks Cool Mist’s exterior weekly so that you can maintain the cleanliness and the clean appearance of the humidifier unit. Utilize a dry cloth whenever you clean the unit’s exterior around the outlets, inlets, filters, and also mechanical or electrical parts. Remember that you need to dampen a cloth or a sponge to clean the unit’s underside whenever necessary and also the unit’s power cord.

In short, cleaning vicks humidifier can be done either weekly or daily. Choose the one that suits your needs and your available time best. Whenever you’re cleaning it, make sure you follow each instructions and also the do and don’ts so that you won’t harm your humidifier.

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