How to decorate bookshelves around a fireplace

Creative and Simple Tips How to Decorate Bookshelves without Fuss

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You really love your book collections and yet you start thinking that your bookshelves look boring and unappealing.

You probably don’t know this but there are ways for homeowners like you to decorate your book collections and add life to the bookshelves appearance.

But where should you start? What kind of decoration work should you do for the bookshelves?


1. Some of the Drastic Changes

If you are ready for some transformations and changes, there are some things to do with the bookshelves.

  • Changing the old-school bookshelves with the open and steel hardware will create a modern and contemporary look without you having to spend a fortune.
  • If your bookshelves have turned dull and boring, consider repainting it again. Use a refreshing color with contrast effect. For instance, you can paint the shelves in white, but choose a bright orange for the inside area. In this way, you create a visual appealing element in your bookshelves and you can refresh the overall appearance.
  • Classic arrangement – like the one found in libraries – is always appealing. But if you don’t want the shelves to be all books, you can include some of your favorite items as the accessories placed by  the end of the lines.
Modern white bookshelves with glass

Creating blocks and surfaces can also make your bookshelves look different. Some people may arrange the books by order and then placed an accessory by the end of the book arrangement – like a book stopper. But, you can also consider changing the display of the shelves.

You can create a barrier between the area for the books and the area for the accessories. By doing this, you can create a visually appealing element without completely changing the function of the bookshelves.

You can also try another different approach by using the bookshelves as a place to accommodate the books and also for a display shelves. Arrange the books on the top areas while the bottom areas are for displays where you can put your accessories, knicks and knacks, and even storage boxes and containers.

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2. Other Alternatives

Of course, there are still tons of different approaches that you can do to improve the look and stylish aspect of the bookshelves.

  • Color smart. You know how colorful your books can be? Well, if you want to try something different, why not putting the different colors of books into different areas? Color coding can be fun too, you know?
  • Small accessories. So, how do you differentiate your book collections from your kids’? You can add a simple accessory that represents you. For the kids’ book collections, add a doll or a cute accessory by the end of the books to create a statement – a stuffed giraffe or a monkey will do. For you, you can simply add a favorite black and white photo or a unique candle.

Don’t forget about symmetry and shape. You can always arrange the book in horizontal or vertical – consider combining both – so your bookshelves won’t be too boring. If you want to add the accessories in your bookshelves, consider the matching symmetry within the similar shape so the final outcome won’t be odd.

Unique bookshelves for small rooms

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