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4 Delicate Dining Room Wood Wall Decor

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Wall décor has often been treated as an afterthought in an interior design of a dining room.

Little do homeowners realize that they are not supposed to miss out the amazing opportunity to see what art can do for the room.

We are here to show you how prominent wall décor’s role is to your dining room.

Specially summarized for you, here are some ideas on wood wall décor:

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4 Delicate Dining Room Wood Wall Decor

1. Wooden Sculpture for a Modern Dining Room

If you really favor wooden art for your wall décor, you can try to put wooden sculpture to décor your dining room wall. The wooden sculpture itself can be made into a certain style such as Asian-inspired sculpture.

Using that kind of wooden art can present natural elements (i.e. the wood) which are tied to the Asian art.

To embrace more modern look dining room, choose contemporary dark wood for the dining room floor and beige paint for the walls.

Besides, to emphasize the room sophistication, bring in a dining table in custom life edge.

Wooden Sculpture art wall hangings

2. Decorative and Functional Wooden Shelves

Build decorative and functional shelves for your dining room in a large wooden folding form and with handle-free doors.

Keep your dining items close to you while decorating your dining room with a wood-finished article.

To give more accents to the shelves, give the shelves highlights in copper tone for the splash back, fittings, and bench top.

Strengthen the wooden vibe in your dining room by choosing wood for the floor and copper color for other dining room items.

Nice Ideas Shelves decor for dining room wall

3. Driftwood Branch for an Artistic Touch

If you want to mix wooden style with beach style, an idea of attach a driftwood branch to your dining room wall can be a great choice.

The branch can add a accentuated sophistication and also provide you with a medium to express your artistic feeling.

The sculptural qualities of the driftwood branch coming naturally can offer you’re a new vibe in your dining time.

To strengthen the beach style, paint your wall in white and choose colors from the same palette for other dining room furniture.

Driftwood Branch wall art decoration

4. Reclaimed Wood with Shelving for an Accent Wall

If you think you don’t want to spend a lot of money in buying artistic wooden wall décor for your dining room, you can go with reclaimed wood to do the job.

Go around your house. Maybe you can find plenty of unused barn wood to make accent wall. The accent wall can bring be both a focal point of your dining room and some character to your dining area.

Attach the reclaimed barn wood accent wall with some pretty floating shelves to give the wall even more decoration.

To get the perfect color tone for both the wall and the shelves, mix brown color and grey in 50/50 comparison and give the wall and the shelves some coats.

Reclaimed shelves diy wooden art dining room decor

Giving your dining room wall décor is as easy as purchasing it or making it yourself and as simple as combining the décor to the style of the other furniture. The role of wall décor should not be belittled as it can contribute a lot to the harmony in your dining room.

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