Amazing Shed Roof Screened Porch Design

Shed Roof Screened Porch: Popular Models and Tips

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Planning to have the screened porch? Then write the details on the projects before making appointment with the professionals.

Consider the place and how you want to use it. Based on these information, the consultant will give some recommendations.

Don’t forget to mention what kind of style you want to apply.


The Tips

Several architects and house builders notice some useful tips the house owners should know. Why you, as the owners, need to learn also about these procedures?

Basically because it will affect how the builders attach the porch to your house. The porch should also be sturdy in all seasons. As the results, you might need to spend a little bit more to build strong base.

1. Matching The Roof Angle And The Shed Roof

If you take a look at the roof angle, some of them are flat, without nearly any angle to cover the walls from rains or sunshine. This kind of roof has higher chance to leak compared to the pitched roof. While building the screened porch, there are two option: angling the shed roof or sticking the roof to the wall.

In order to create better angle of the shed roof, the workers will practically take out some of the roofs and make a connector to the shed roof. It might include cutting half of the house roof frame. In the end, the shed roof will look like the extension of the house. However, it will have no leaking problems.

Screened porch with shed roof plans

The second option is sticking the roof to the wall. The method is similar to the roof extension process. The workers will install ledger board to the wall. To make the bond stronger, they will also add rafter ties or engineered trusses. There will be a support post also.

2. Installing The Base

The ways workers do this job depend on the condition of the house itself. If the screened porch will be installed on the ground, then the base should be build from scratch. Think about the level as well. Do you prefer to go down the stairs or step to level floor? Either decision will affect the building process and costs.

For those houses with beautiful deck, the base could be installed directly on top of it. Of course, there should be helping tool to make it stand without low chance of falling. One of the most used tricks is post base connector. It will be installed on the deck. With four clasping iron on each sides, the support posts will be locked well. The workers might need some temporary bracing to keep it straight during the beam installation.

3. Installing The Header

It is important to know that the header should never be installed directly to the house. If you see the workers are going to do this, warn them. This procedure will break the walls and increase the holes that might lead to leaking crack. The best way to install header is next to the house walls. They might need some support posts, but no leaking crack will be found.

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Amazing shed roof screened porch designs Plans

The Models

Now that you have learned the basic of the installation, it is time to pick a model for the screened porch. If you are new to exterior design, then pick one from the popular models. It will be good when you could consider the advantages and disadvantages also.

1. Hip Roof With Skylights

This model is often applied for second stories house. The house owners love this model as they could get additional lighting to the house. The screened porch has no glass or blinds, only the porch with some nice sofas to sit on. This is probably the best place to enjoy the morning sunshine and afternoon sunset. You could also enjoy the breeze.

The skylight design also has some disadvantages. In autumn, the leaves from the trees around the house will fly into the area. Thus, it requires a lot of cleaning. Even in spring, you need to diligently sweep the floor and wipe the table. If you live in near to open area, the birds might pay a visit and leave their marks.

Screened porch pictures shed roof. Hip Roof With Skylights

2. Gable Roof With Expansive Screen Panels

Need a room to welcome the guests? Then the gable roof with expansive panel is the best bet. It is suitable for first story house, as the extension of the terrace. The idea is more or less similar to the hip roof. The difference lays on the rooftop materials. It uses gable roof, which gives more spaces.

The advantage of picking this model is the wide area under the roof, even though it looks small without the roof. You don’t have to worry about seasonal change. Gable roof is quite sturdy. The wide area is also the disadvantage of the design. The entrance stairs should be placed out of the support post area. It might be difficult for limited space house.

Screened Porch Gable Roof With Expansive Screen Panels

3. Flat Roof Design

If you have a house with great architecture, the triangle roof is not an option. Why? It will somehow cover the beauty of the house design. Thus, it is better to build the flat roof design. This roof type is going to blend well with the overall look. Particularly, if the you love symmetrical design.

The advantage of having flat roof for the screened porch is its neutral nature. The final result will not give a total makeover of the house. In make up terms, it will be the minimalist look. Also, it is far easier to pull a straight line and make the screen panels wider or tighter.

Now for the disadvantage. You need to install additional pipe from the roof to the ground. Since the roof is flat, there might be a lot of clogging. You better prepare ladder to climb on the top.

Flat Roof Screened Porch Design

A meticulous planning is the requirement to build a shed roof. It is not only a matter of spending money, but also the reference of future use. Take the samples above and think carefully which one to apply. It is also possible to do mix and match!

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