Brown wooden Kitchen Island Table with Chairs
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Kitchen Island Table with Chairs

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Kitchen island table with chairs is a detail that you must consider to complement your lovely kitchen.

There are many designs that you can choose to make your kitchen interesting and comfortable at the same time.

There are many designs available and some of them may match your kitchen interior layout. Here are some ideas for you to choose.


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1. Contemporary Island Table

For you who own the contemporary and modern design, the style of this kitchen island table is perfect. Choose the countertop that is made of marble material.

Use consistent material and finish for the island like a black wooden for both the island and kitchen table. For the chairs, use white color with the same height as the island countertop.

White and black finish can never go wrong while aluminum or stainless steel touch makes it contemporary. Add some metal ornament, such as pendant lighting and stainless steel kitchen tools to make it real.

Modern kitchen island table with chairs

2. Transitional Island Table

This kind of kitchen island table is suggested to use if you have a small kitchen. It gives the kitchen open feeling. Use wooden material to show warm atmosphere.

Make sure your island has this finish for an elegant touch. For the chairs, you may use the small ones so it can be moved and rearrange easier.

It will be combined with the other wooden furniture in the kitchen and a metallic ornament for the lighting. Foldable chairs will be perfect while the light material is convenient.

Transitional kitchen Island Table with wooden chairs

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3. Beach House Island Table

If you want to add beach house atmosphere in your kitchen, think about tropical feeling on the island and a chair. While marble countertop in bright finish can be an alternative, rattan finish top is a lot better to use.

You can use chairs made of bamboo, rattan, or rustic wood to complete the space. To strengthen the beach feeling, use white color for the chairs and add ornaments that support the design, such as white fabric to be tied in the chairs.

Make it perfect with sky blue color floor for an easy-care “rug”. It soon feels like you are on a vacation in a beach. Combine with stainless steel kitchen tools and beach ornaments on the kitchen island.

Beach House kitchen Island white Table with chairs

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4. Traditional Ranch Country Island Table

This style is always a delightful thing while it remains effective at the same time. Adjust the island table with a selection of marble countertop. The sky blue wooden is perfect for the legs.

Complete this detail with unique chairs. Wooden chairs finished in the same shade are totally brilliant to add. Don’t go too much on the island. Instead, keep it simple and humble for the country touch.

Choose the same simple chairs to complete the island and finish it in a more rustic touch.

Traditional Ranch Country Island Table

A perfect kitchen island table set can make the whole of the kitchen looks impressive. It is important to match the design of it with the concept of the kitchen interior. Make sure to consider how you place the chair. It doesn’t have to be at the opposite side of the cook. You can explore more on the sides of the island as an alternative. Happy designing!

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