Portable Kitchen Island with Seating for 4

Portable Kitchen Island with Seating for 4

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A kitchen island is a must-have property in most homes. However, for those who want to design their kitchen with portable kitchen island with seating for 4 should consider these following recommendations.

These recommendations are taken from most popular portable kitchen islands. Therefore, they will not disappoint you because of their gorgeous and attractive looks.

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Things to Know about Portable Kitchen Island with Seating

First of all, having a portable kitchen island equipped with seating is a must-have or considered as essential in new and remodeled kitchens. For those who still questions why it is considered as a must-have thing is because it commonly boost up the cantilevered countertops that are supported by table legs.

Therefore, it would make your time preparing and serving meals faster and your family can enjoy the cooking’s action while waiting for the meals to be served.

Additional tips:

If it does not allow you to place a chair/seat, you can choose a small kitchen island without chairs. Here is recommended portable/movable kitchen island without seating for small space kitchen.

movable small kitchen island without seating Goplus Rolling Wood Kitchen Trolley Cart Island

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Things to Consider on Designing Kitchen Island with Seating

If you want to design or build a kitchen island that consists four seating, then you must consider the size of the island, its location within the work triangle, and the other functions of it. Check out these following basic measurements that are worth considering when designing the kitchen island with seating.

1. The Aisles

The first thing to measure is the aisles on each side of the island. The ideal measurement of the aisles is at least 42 inches. However, if you plan to have two cooking stations in your kitchen, then the preferred size is at least 48 inches wide. This measurement should be enough to make sure that the area around the island should be spacious enough for moves and traffic.

2. The Seats

The next step is to choose the seats that allow at least enough space. For the knee space, 12 inches is adequate while it remains suitable to table height. For examples, dining chairs and low stools will fit beneath table top height counters with 30 inches high. Meanwhile, common bar stools usually fit just well under 42 to 46 inches of breakfast bar height. The counter stools, on the other way, commonly fit well on a 36 inch high kitchen island.

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3. The Countertop

When you are designing and building a kitchen island that consists seating, then you should consider about whether you want an island with multiple levels, which is meant to manage a different task or an uninterrupted span of countertop.

How to decide one of those options? First, you may need to block the view on those cooking clutters that mess around the countertops. This can be done by setting breakfast bar countertop in a tall setting. In alternative, you can position a higher or lower add-on table at the island’s outer end. You can amplify interest by using varying finishes as well.

White Portable kitchen island with seating for 4 or more and flower decoration ideas
Image: homedit.com

Additional Tips on Designing Portable Kitchen Island with Seating

There are several additional tips that you may want to consider related to your plan on designing a kitchen island with seating. Firstly, many worktable kitchen islands, mostly have room for seating. The center section will be open for appliances and storage and the longer sides will be accessible for cooking station.

Breakfast bars that have curve design provide a bit more seating space than their straight counterparts. Secondly, Whatever your configuration of the kitchen island, make sure that the seating is easily accessed by those who enter the kitchen through various doorways and walkways.

Designing the coziest and most suitable portable kitchen island will take a lot of considerations. Therefore, these tips and recommendations will ease your mind to get an instant inspiration in order to get the most suitable portable kitchen island with seating.

Movable kitchen island with seating

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