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Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Decorations

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Undoubtedly, the countertop is a part of the kitchen that can attract our attention the most, compared with any other parts of kitchen.

Some people usually judge other person’s kitchen just by watching on the countertop. That is why cannot randomly decor your countertop.

To make it easier for you, here are some examples of kitchen countertop decorations you may try.

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1. Applying Quartz

You can use quartz as the materials in case granite is not affordable for you. This type of material will give you durable and strong looking of kitchen cabinet. Quartz is not only affordable but also is easy to get. Unlike when you use granite, quartz has no porous.

It means you do not have to worry about any liquids like wine, water or oil since they will not cause any staining to your countertop. Quartz is also considered as one of the most hygienic countertop options for kitchen. It is also highly resistant against staining since this material is really strong, so you are guaranteed of its charming look.

White Quartz Countertops images

2. Getting Thinner Countertops

If you are a fond of modern style with low profile design, thinner countertop is suitable for you. Commonly, countertop has for about ¾ inches thick. The maximum thickness of common countertop that usually used is around 1 ¼ inches.

For recent years, most people like to apply until ½ inches slimmer countertop. Undoubtedly, slimmer countertop looks more urban, trendy and cooler nowadays. It will also increase perceived space as the effect. For the combination, you can also involve thick slabs in your slim countertop. Slimmer countertop will match perfectly with small kitchen.

White Slim countertop with flower pot and grey kitchen cabinet

3. Countertops with Patterns and Veining

Since we are living in the 21st century, it will not be really hard to create such a creative design for your countertop. Now you can choose and decide what character you want to apply to your countertop.

Unlike countertop in past years, which only had plain style, countertop nowadays comes with so many varieties of patterns.

Today’s technology can also create vein in stylish pattern that swirls around your countertop. Countertops with patterns and veining will also match with other kitchen elements like its cabinetry, walls and flooring. Create a great visual background for your kitchen activities by applying patterns and veining to your countertop.

Antique pattern wood countertop decoration

4. Integrated Concept

Another trend for kitchen countertop is the integrated sinks. Basically, it is made of the same materials as the countertop, so both the countertop and the sink will blend perfectly.

You will not need to worry about food bits or dirty liquids that get stuck in the space between the sink and the countertop as a quick wipe will clean all stains or marks on the countertop. The good news is this concept will also work with any kitchen style. You can apply this concept in both modern and traditional kitchen design.

Decorating a good-looking kitchen countertop does not always cost much money. With right and effective execution, all kinds of decoration will work well in your kitchen. At the end, make sure that your budget supports your plan in decorating your countertop.

Tuscan modern and traditional combination style decoration

5. Decorating kitchen countertops with fruit and flowers

A healthy lifestyle is very much needed by modern people. By decorating kitchen area according to this lifestyle, this make easier to be done.

You can plan and put the fruit and flower pot according to your own desires and creativity. This picture can be good example for your ideas.

Flower and fruit for kitchen countertop decorations

6. Farmhouse Countertop Decorations

This is also one of the decoration ideas that many people are interested in. You can put kitchen utensils from unpainted wood. This ideas makes a natural rural impression. Happiness in life is art. You can create an artistic atmosphere, even in your kitchen. Good luck.

Farmhouse kitchen countertops decor ideas

7. Instant decoration ideas with marble sticker countertops

This is an easy and fast way. Change the look of the surface of your countertop, as well as interesting decorating ideas.

Especially if you like the look of marble in your kitchen cabinet and countertop. Use this, thickening marble kitchen cabinet countertop PVC material self adhesive marble sticker.

If you are serious about choosing this method, you can buy this wallpaper HERE. The picture below are some examples of marble sticker designs for decorating your countertop.

Marble sticker countertops decoration ideas

Countertops decor ideas with marble stickers

Nice countertops with marble stickers decoration ideas

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