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Consideration Choosing Kitchen Countertop Materials

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When you are about to start designing your kitchen, you will think about all materials you are going to need in your kitchen.

From all parts of the kitchen, you can start with your countertop. There are a lot of materials you can apply, but make sure you choose it with right consideration.

Here are some things you can consider in choosing kitchen countertop materials.

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1. Budget

The first and the most important factor you need to consider is of course about the budget. Since all materials are priced differently, count on the money you can spend first before you deciding the material because some materials will cost you much money and probably take up your entire budget.

It will not be really wise if you force your kitchen design when your budget is limited. If you go with minimum budget, a butcher block countertop is the best option. You can also go for tile or laminate countertop. It will cost less money if you can install it by yourself too.

2. Cost

Do not get it wrong, but this factor is different with the first one. The first factor tends to make you count on the money you can afford or provide. While this factor will make you think about some specific materials and its price.

Even if you can provide large budget, you still need to spend it wisely since the focus in your kitchen is not only on the countertops. While budget can be relative to some people, the cost of the materials is usually the same in every place.

For an example, materials like marble and concrete are categorized as expensive material. It is okay to pick them as long as your budget meets the requirements.

3. Appearance

When budget is not a problem for you, you can think about the appearance of your countertop. Different materials have a different look.

If the countertop is the last thing you are dealing with, choose the material that will match with the interior of your kitchen.

Black countertops

For example, if you have kitchen cabinets with light colors like white or yellow, it is suggested to apply materials with contrast color to your countertop.

Dark colors like black or brown are recommended. In the opposite way, apply materials with light colors to your countertop if you already have kitchen cabinet with dark colors. If you are not really sure in combining colors, it is better to apply neutral colors to create a clean look.

4. Durability

The last thing you need to consider about the materials you are going to choose is its durability. A good-looking countertop will be useless if it has poor quality. Materials with good quality don’t have to be expensive.

Choose a material that wears and has heat resistant layer. For this case, granite is the best material because it is made of hard stone.

Designing your kitchen countertop will not take much time once you know what the things to consider are. When you already know the things, you will find difficulty in choosing the materials you want for your kitchen.

Here 15 Types of kitchen countertop materials:

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