Kitchen Countertops without Backsplash

Why Using Kitchen Countertops without Backsplash

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When you go to all details of your kitchen, it is assured that you will also think about the wall.

It is true when you apply backsplash to your kitchen wall, you will have so many options and ideas in your mind to make your kitchen look more gorgeous.

But the fact is some people do not like using backsplash in their kitchen. Here are some of the reasons.

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1. Consider the Placement and the Function

The main function of backsplash is of course to avoid any water or splash coming to the back of your wall, but misplacing backsplash in your kitchen will make it looks awkward.

Awkward here means when you apply any backsplash but it is clearly seen that there is no sink or washbasin in front of the backsplash.

Even though you use the most beautiful backsplash, it will still look awkward when there is no sink or washbasin in front of it.

People who put the main countertop at the center of the kitchen tend to avoid using any backsplash.

2. Lack of Backsplash Materials

The next reason is about the backsplash materials. Even though we know that backsplash can be made of so many materials, most of them are not really easy to clean.

Amongst of all materials, glossy paint materials are the only materials that is easy to clean. You definitely need more time just to clean your kitchen if you apply backsplash that is not made of glossy paint materials.

Kitchen countertop without backsplash

3. Thinking About Upgrading in the Future

This reason is acceptable when you plan to remodel or upgrade your kitchen countertop. When you decide to upgrade your kitchen countertop with backsplash on it, you will need more time again just to remove the old backsplash.

Even in some cases, removing the backsplash needs more time than upgrading the kitchen countertop itself.

You will save much time when you do not apply any backsplash, since you only need to repaint the wall without damaging it to remove the backsplash.

4. Lack of Decoration

Another weakness of applying backsplash is its flexibility. When you have backsplash in your kitchen countertop, it is almost 100% sure that you will not be able to attach any decoration on it.

You will also not be able to hang all of your kitchen equipment, which makes your wall look plain without any decoration or hanged elements on it.

5. Need More Budget

The last but not least reason is always the budget. Basically budget will not be a really big deal when you commit to spend much money for your kitchen. But it will be better if you allocate the budget for more important parts of your kitchen. You can save your money when you do not apply any backsplash since you only need to buy any pant.

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Basically applying backsplash in your kitchen countertop will not be that horror when you can deal with those reasons. You can avoid the reasons by really calculating and considering the right function, placement and the materials of the backsplash. At the end it is up to the house owner.

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