How to Decorate A Bare Kitchen Wall with peg board

How to Decorate A Bare Kitchen Wall With These Five Items

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01If you love cooking and having an afternoon conversation, you know best that kitchen decoration is just as important as those in the living room.

Cleanliness is the first priority for a kitchen. Does it mean that you have to give up being fancy?

Wake up your kitchen with these DIY projects.

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1. Plates

Cutlery is the most common wedding present given to the married couple. That is the reason you have a high pile of plates, from the plain to decorative one, stored in the attic.

Open those old boxes and take some old plates as the ornament. A kitchen should have food-related decoration.

What could be better than a plate? Play with the size and order. It is up to creativity: random art or organized furnish. If it is still too plain for you, add some letters or your favorite quote on them.

Decorate a bare kitchen wall with plate

2. Peg Board

You have the empty wall, but the space is not big enough for more decorations. Peg board will be your new friend. It has double function: kitchen set hanger and decoration. Paint them with your favorite color. You can also make your favorite character on it.

The iron makes the job easier. Place some hooks on the board and hang the kitchen set. Let the visitors guess your cooking skill by looking at your utensils. Those who love cooking will know the top quality item.

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3. Chalkboard

Bring the recipe closer to you with the chalkboard. Attach the blackboard on the blank wall. It will be very helpful. Keeping your eyes on a paper during cooking process is just like a mission impossible. Write the ingredients and process on the chalkboard.

With a quick glance, you can do the steps correctly. The chalkboard could also be a reminder for you to buy some daily necessities. For families with children, this item will buy you some time to cook quietly while the kids are busy drawing.

Chalkboard for bare kitchen wall decor

4. String Art

Do you need something stringy on the kitchen? Start your own string art project. Your children could also take part in the process. Nail fun shapes such as spoon, fork, bowl, and vegetable basket.

Tie the string to a nail and connect it to the other nails. Repeat the process until the shape could be seen clearly. It is advised to use one string color only. Pick beige color as the background: it goes well with any wall colors.


5. Three Colors Paint

A mess could be a fancy dress. Clementine wall is 100% hand made and fun project! You will need three paint colors: orange, red and green. Pick other colors if you are going to make other shape. Dip your point finger on the paint and create a circle on the plain wall.

Repeat the process with the red paint, using your left hand. The circle should be close to each other. After that, take a tooth pick and draw the leaf. Finish the project by filling all the space on the plain wall.

Bring five things above and liven up your kitchen! Do not forget that comfort could come from the things you see. Plain wall gives out the boring atmosphere. It does well for a restricted use: cooking area. Your visitors might want something more sophisticated that could hold them longer in the kitchen.

Decorate bare kitchen wall

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