12 Boho Bedroom Décor on Budget You Will be Enchanted With

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Boho decoration is so in right now, especially for a bedroom. Many people think it looks cozy and inviting while it is almost always effortless to create the look.

If you like the style too, you are one of millions people today.

Check out the following ideas. They are boho cute and cheap.

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1. Use Earth and Soft Tones

All you need is a theme. With them, you have something to work on to. For a cheap Boho look in your bedroom, you can always fill up the room with greens. You can do this by adding several potted plants in the bedroom.

Then, balance it with warm earth tones. With a pop of pink or bright yellow, you will be able to reach the boho look in an instant. It works every time.

Boho bedroom decor diy bohemian plants

2. Use Branches for Display

Adding greens in a boho bedroom is vital. However, it isn’t a very good idea for those who aren’t green thumbs. In alternative, you can use tree branches for display. You only need some strings so you can hang it on the wall.

Then, you can store your jewelry on it. While it makes your jewelry more organized, the look will be totally boho. You can use several branches at once in a wall for best look.

Boho bedroom decor ideas diy with branches display

3. Repurposes Old Stuffs

Boho look needs something eclectic and worldy. Without you realizing it, you may already have it and they don’t necessarily have to be new. For example, you can use an old trunk for a table or other possible surfaces.

You can also use your old blanket that look cool as a wall display or simply throw it on a sofa. While it costs you only a dime, it creates an ultimate look almost in an instance.

Old trunks repurpose ideas for boho bedroom decor

4. Area Rug with Pattern

Boho décor needs several surprising element in the combination. Like what any bright color does, a rug with fun pattern will be a valuable addition. Old rugs commonly come with this pattern so you don’t need to buy a new one.

Throw it in an area in your bedroom and it will add a deep composition in your bedroom area. It is functional but it plays an important role in your final décor result.

Boho bedroom rugs bohemian decor

5. Drape Some Lights

Boho bedroom always looks soft yet inviting during the dark. One of the best ways to create this look is by alternating your lighting source with fairy lights. You can drape them on the wall or simply hang it anywhere.

It will make the right boho look during the night while it makes a sufficient source of light even for reading if you hang enough. You should prefer to the battery sourced if outlets will be your problem.

Boho bedroom Lighting bohemian style

6. Add Some Fur

Those with more budget will go for authentic animal fur or the replica with high quality. The fact is most boho bedroom incorporates fur to add a touch of extravagance as well as cozy look.

While on budget, get just a small piece of fur. It can be a fur pillow or small rug beside your bed. If you know where to place it, you will make the same exquisite look in your bedroom. You don’t even need the expensive one for this.

Boho bedroom fur throw bohemian decoration ideas on a budget

7. Make a Collage Wall

This is also one of the most popular part for boho decoration. You need to make your own photo collage on one of your bedroom walls. Don’t over think it. You can cut pictures from magazine and frame it before hanging it.

You can also write a quote or hang your photos on the wall. Gather up things you like, and frame them. Then, hang it on the wall, most haphazardly if you are up for it.

Collage wall decor boho bedroom

8. More and More Pillows

Pillows will add comfort in your bedroom, of course. Meanwhile, it will also make valuable pieces of décor. The best suggestion is to gather several pillows in your bed or other areas too and don’t be afraid to pile up several different patterns.

Actually, mixing patterns will make the best boho look. Explore on colors if your room already has neutral palette. It will contrastive yet inviting boho style.

Pillow boho bed bohemian style on a budget

9. Hang on the Wall

You should consider hanging some decorations on your wall. Rather than decorating like other styles, think about creating decorated forest. Choose something that uses neutral color and earty tones like branches.

Wooden pieces, lights, and earth toned dream catcher are good ideas to add. It makes the wall looks more sophisticated while you are staying low on budget. Don’t worry. Cheap decors can look expensive too. You only need to make sure they are well placed.

DIY boho wall decor bedroom bohemian urban style

10. Use Bed Canopy

This is also one of the look signatures for boho bedroom. You should consider using canopy above your bed. It adds the comfort and you don’t need to go expensive for this. If you want cheap, you can buy the all put together kind. In alternative, translucent curtain with twinkling lights will be dreamy.

Be creative on how you hang the canopy. Budget way doesn’t affect the look. Boho looks will be achieved anyway.

Bed canopy boho bedroom ideas

11. Add Fringe Curtains

Fringe curtain is something you need to consider adding. You don’t have to by this. Instead, you can use your old blanket that has fringes in it. Then, hang it. You have boho looking curtain already.

Of course, you can always buy a new one and there are many alternatives you will find. Most of them aren’t expensive as well. Hang on doorway or window or just your wall. It will work greatly.

Fringe Curtains bedroom boho decoration ideas

12. Use Bright Blanket

There are many old blankets that come with curious pattern. Today, these patterns are considered fun. You can ask your mom or grandma for this. Use the blanket and simply lay it down on top of your neutral colored bed sheet.

While it adds comfort and coziness, and it will be useful during the cold nights, the bright colors and fun pattern will add seriously deep boho looks.

Bright blanket boho bedroom style decor ideas

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