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12 Rustic Wooden Bedroom Décor Ideas You Must Adopt Now!

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Rustic feeling and reclaimed wood are more and more in demand today. They seem to blend right away especially for those with modern taste in urban area.

It reminds us on simplicity and simple style of life while it still represents class and elegance at the same time.

If you plan to adopt the style, here are several ideas you will like.

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1. Log Candle Holder

Adding candle in the bedroom can never fail. Instead of using the usual holder, you can try one made of wooden log. It commonly has a little hole in the middle in which you can place your candle.

This candle holder is bigger than usual, so it makes decent addition to an empty side table or on a corner of your bedroom. It looks stylish and it adds rustic feeling instantly while it is romantic at the same time too.

Log candle holder for wooden rustic bedroom decor ideas

2. Door Headboard

The main idea of rustic decoration is to use things that are or that look like they are old and they are reused. In this case, you can try using a pair of old doors as your new headboard. Choose a pair that fit your bed size.

The best thing about this idea is you don’t need to refinish the door. You are supposed to keep the old and used look. You can attach it or not, but the old house makes the rustic style.

Creative door headboard ideas diy for wooden rustic bedroom decoration

3. Old Window Frame for Side Table Accessory

Similar to using the old doors, you can also use old window frame as a rustic decoration in your bedroom. Instead of using it as the real function, you can try to lean it to the wall with the bottom is on the side table.

Just the same with the previous idea, you don’t have to refinish the window frame. Leave it as how it looks right now and use it to replace the painting.

Old window frame decor rustic bedroom ideas

4. Tufted Bedroom Wall

Instead of remaking the entire room, you can try adding wooden panel on one of your bedroom walls. One of the most recommended idea is to panel your headboard wall. It instantly draws the attention to it. You still can hang other things like painting and photo, but it looks just great this way too.

It looks just as great with modern bedroom furniture or other styles as well. You don’t need additional décor with this idea.

Wooden wall panels bedroom headboard

5. Floating Wall Shelves

If you have a vacant wall in your bedroom, you can add rustic décor by adding floating wall shelves on it. To meet your need for rustic feeling, you can use the 2×4 wood for it. Attach several pieces so you have layers of shelf.

Don’t refinish the shelves and leave the original look. It allows you to get the old look while it is fully functional as well. Add some greenery for deeper look.

Rustic Wooden Floating Wall Shelves Bedroom Decoration Ideas

6. Rope Wrapped Night Lamp

You don’t need to go expensive to reach the rustic style. Instead of purchasing new décor item, you can use your recent things. The night lamp for example is a great item that can be modified easily.

Wrap the body part with rope and don’t forget to use the right glue to prevent it from falling off. It is cheap and easy enough to do and you will love how it changes the look of your bedroom instantly.

Rope wrapped night lamp bedroom decoration ideas

7. Headboard Barn Lighting

This idea is actually smart and very convenient. If you already have a wooden headboard, especially, and you look for a new way to enhance the look, try this idea. Take a pair of barn lights and attach it on each end of the headboard.

It makes practical reading light that eats a small space, while it instantly gives you the rustic look. Make these lights functional and you get the best rustic décor that works for real.

Wooden headboard bedroom with light

8. Wooden Crate Bedside Tables

If you want to add rustic décor in your bedroom, changing your bedside tables choice will be a great idea. First, you are going to need several wooden crates. Then, stack several of the crates to form a bedside table.

You can stain the crates but it is totally okay if you don’t refinish them at all. It looks great with modern stuffs, and it looks extremely great with small plants with green leaves.

Wooden rustic bedroom decoration with crate bedside table

9. Wooden Wall Hooks

A bedroom deserves several wall hooks. You need them to hang coats, hats, scarf, and more things too. If you already have a place for it, you still can add this in your bedroom. Instead of hanging those stuffs, you can hang mason jars or lights as décor.

For best look, use wooden board and add metal hook for it. Then hang contrastive things on it like white mason jars, and green leaves in it.

Wooden wall hooks coat racks for rustic bedroom decor ideas

10. Distressed Wooden Frame for Mirror

Distressed frame is one of the most effective ways to add rustic décor in your bedroom. It has the rustic and used look while it still looks charming and incredibly stylish. The idea is to replace your recent mirror frame with it.

For more dramatic result, you can replace your oversized mirror frame with this distressed frame. It looks as if it is inherited or something and you’ll love how it changes your room.

Distressed Wooden Frames rustic mirror bedroom decoration ideas

11. Barn Sliding Door

Let’s get a little creative. Your elegant bedroom may need something rather big to get the real feeling of rustic style. Instead adding small decoration items in this style, you can try replacing your bathroom door with barn door.

The door needs to be wooden. For more efficient space using, make it a sliding door instead. It gives you the chance to use metal slider and knob. While it is a great addition in the room, it look totally stylish.

Barn sliding door bedrooms wooden rustic decoration ideas

12. Pallet Bed Frame

Wooden pallets make a great material for a bed. You only need to stack them together in the right proportion and make sure they stick just right. Next, you can add your mattress on it and you have stylishly rustic bed.

The best thing about this bed is that you have a lot of shelves. You can store shoes, magazines, and whatever things you want to store. It is stylish while it is fully functional at the same time.

Pallet Bed Frame diy storage ana white
Image: ana-white.com

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