How to Choose Best Silicone Baking Mat Set

How to Choose Best Silicone Baking Mat Set

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There are so many silicone baking mats that can be found on the market. Are you confused of choosing the best one from them?

Although they are made of the same base material, each mat may deliver a different degree of quality.

To get the best one, there are key points you need to consider while choosing. Check this out.


1. Fitting Size

Consider taking baking mat that fits to the baking tray or pan. It is available in many sizes and shapes. You will sizes and shapes that are similar to baking tray or pan varieties, so it is not hard enough to choose.

If you are not sure about the size of your baking tray, it is suggested to choose the large one. It should make the safest option because it can be used for various sizes of baking pan.

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2. Quality

Check out the quality of the baking mat. It should be used for a very long time and non-stick solution. Forget it if it doesn’t give you the non-stick solution.

In addition to it, make sure the silicone isn’t only elastic enough, but also thick enough for the baking duty. The shape and pattern should firm and nice for good looking result, and you may want to check on curves to make sure it is easy to clean.

Silicone Baking Mat Set

3. FDA Certification

It is important to make sure that the product is food grade or not. It must be chemical-and toxin-free when it is exposed to heat.

Unless, it will affect your bake goods and it may end up in endangering people who eat it. BPA free quality is always preferred for this kind of stuff so you may need to look for it.

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4. Heat Rating

Make sure that the baking mat is resistant to the amount of heat temperature needed, at least 480°F. It is important because the baking mat is being placed in the oven for various kind of treatments to put together.

Everyone who use it is doesn’t want it to melt while exposed to heat. The color of of the mat also affects the heat it gets. Some colors, such as purple, are only resistant in 300°F.

5. Manufacturer’s Instructions

Even though rare, you may find several silicone baking mats are completed with manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, it is not in a paper like other bigger stuff, but it may be printed on the plastic bag of the mat.

Read the instruction and find out more on maintenance suggestion and cleaning advice. It should offer you simple options. Pick mats with simple maintenance and cleaning method.

Cake boss countertop accessories 2-piece silicone baking mat set

6. Guarantee

Make sure that the stores which sell it give you a guarantee. Usually, the store should give you a year of warranty, plus another year from the manufacturer.

These baking mats look simple, but you need to cover all important factors while choosing. Consider that the bake goods should be safe to eat while the entire baking process should be made easier with it.

Ready to try using silicone baking mats? Choose the right one before you start. Read also how to choose a best dough blender, if you want more information about it.

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