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Simple Tips for Using Pastry Stands

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Are you going to make a pastry or cake for an event that will you organize? Not only the taste must be good, your pastry needs to appear nice too.

Besides the shape of the pastry itself, pastry stand is important to make the appearance better. Need suggestion on using the stand? Here are several tips you can apply.

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1. Use the Right Size

Consider about two things about the pastry stand size, your pastry size and the layer of the stand. For the ideal look, choose one that accommodates all of the pastries in a decorative way.

You need space to put all pastries without piling it. If you use multi tiers stand, you can put smaller pastries on higher tiers.

Not only it is consistent with the tier size, it allows you to put the pastries nicely while you still have appropriate space for a little decoration.

2. The Weight that the Pastry Stands Can Stand Hold

Actually, it depends on the quality of the stand. It must be supportive enough to hold a large pastry on it.

Use things that can replace the pastry for the test, such as books, that equal the same weight as the pastry. If the stand can hold the book well, you can use the stand for the pastry.

Will it fall to the side if the other side doesn’t have pastries on it anymore? You also need to check on the maximum weight the stand can handle. Usually, it will be noted on the instruction list of the pastry stand.

3. Pick the Appropriate Color

Your color choice for pastry stand is important to increase the appearance of the pastry itself. Many people like to use contrasting colors. White works well on all pastry finish for being neutral.

For a fun twist, you can also use one with colorful lining in the tier tip or darker shade for bright pastries. It is also important to adjust the choice with the theme of the area or other food stands around it.

Traditional Wooden pastry stand

4. What Material to Choose

Basically, heavier material will give you steadier stand. Meanwhile, you also need to consider material durability and maintenance. Wooden stand is rarely used now, while plastic is getting popular. You will find several grades of plastic to choose.

There are other options as well, and many people like to use an iron stand in white shade or other neutral colors and stainless steel for easy cleaning and ultimate durability. Choose material that accommodates the weight of your pastries and one that has a good balance.

5. How to Find the Pastry Stand

You can buy the pastry stand in the store or perhaps you can rent it from your caterer instead of buying several. It can be a little pricey to get a few stands, especially if you like ones with good quality.

Renting is absolutely cheaper. However, if you hold events often, investing on several variants of pastry stand will be very useful.

So basically, there are key points you can explore while using the stand. It is more about accommodating the pastries and presenting it on the right way.

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