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Simple Best Pastry Brushes Buying Guide

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A pastry brush is one of the most essential kitchen tools. This tool is used to apply the oil, sauce, or the yolk onto food before and during the cooking or baking process.

Actually, this brush is not always used for pastry making only. Many other foods actually need it too.

Seasoning meat, fish, as well as barbeque dishes often need this same brush. Therefore, the selection process is very important.

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1. Recognize Pastry Brushes Types

To determine a good pastry brush, you must identify the types. Only then, we can determine which one to buy depending on our specific need, for example for barbeques or baking in the oven. To that end, the following things need to be considered.

a. Design

Pastry brush shape is diverse. Some are round, some are wide. There is also a handle made of wood, plastic, or metal. Each design serves differently.

We may need to consider on how we will use it while choosing like if it is for cake and pastry baking or for barbeque only.

For barbeque, the wooden brush will be a great option because it is heat resistant and it has enough durability. For pastry making, plastic and metal should be fine.

b. Material brush

Pastry brushes are made of a variety of materials like animal fur or silicone. Be careful in your selection. Choose one that is easy to clean by hand, such as those that are made of soft silicone material.

Be careful, several brushes with silicon material are also recycled. Soft fur also serves to keep the texture of the food while they are heat resistant as well.

In addition to these options, stiff bristles are durable enough to be used. Adjust your selection based on your need.

2. Think More on Price and Quality

If you already know about the different types of brushes, then wisely consider the price. Cheap price doesn’t always guarantee a good quality brush.

There is a pastry brush which costs $1 while there are many which are offered ten times more expensive. Of course, it is cheaper when we prefer on plastic-handled material.

Nylon or silicone brush price is usually below the price of the fur brush. This material is highly recommended as well as it requires only simple way to clean it, hot water rinsing only. The most favorite option today is on wood handles and fur. It can be wildly expensive though.

Pastry Brushes

3. Buy at Trusted Stores

A good stuff should also come from a reputable store. If you want to buy a pastry brush, you can buy it at the trusted online sites, such as or recommended local stores.

Prices and the types also vary, ranging from cheap to expensive. Instead of buying from some random stores or suppliers, consider buying at specialty tools cake shop.

Buying a good pastry brush does require a special guide. Before making any decision, it will be wise to ask for recommendations from your trusted baker or friends who love baking. Experience often tells what kind of brush you should get.

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