Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror

Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror

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If you are looking for several ideas for perfect bathroom lighting to be placed over the mirror, you actually have more than enough options.

However, it will narrow down your option if you will consider having a little touch of style and elegance as well.

Check out the following ideas for awesome lighting options.

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1. Mini Chandelier

Mini chandelier is often a great option for a bathroom including for over the mirror lighting.

Depending on the design, it delivers perfect lighting while it makes sure it changes the atmosphere around the mirror into something more intimate.

It also adds elegance in the area while it makes valuable decor at the same time as well. This lighting is available almost in any style or design and it makes great idea to apply over your mirror.

2. LED Bars

Everyone likes the LED today. It is simply great in brightness while it is also an energy saving option to consider.

You can use a long LED bar and attach right over the mirror. Use a bar for each mirror for more pleasant look for the interior. Its brightness will also provide you with sufficient task lighting for shaving or makeup.

As an alternative to attaching it on the wall, you can also try to attach it on the top part of the mirror.

LED Bars Tubular for bathroom lighting over mirrors

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3. Sconces

This is a classic option for over the mirror lighting. It is available on almost any style and design.

It means depending on the style and design, it should make a perfect match to your bathroom interior. You can add a sconce light over each mirror.

However, if you have a long mirror you can add one on the top left and one on the top right. It makes perfect area lighting while it adds the style as well.

4. Semi Flush Lights

This is also a popular idea to adopt. It lights up the entire area around the mirror and vanity, which make a serious advantage. This lighting is available on several designs and variations of shape.

It is more a modern and contemporary option but it can be a little traditional as well depending on the design. Being semi flush, it covers wider area but some part over the light may not be bright enough, not that it matters.

5. Makeup Task Light

Do you recognize type of lights makeup station has? You can use the same idea for your over the mirror lighting.

It doesn’t only fix the lighting need in your bathroom. It also provides duty lighting in the area in a perfect way. As the inspiration, you can do professional makeup here.

Instead of hanging many bulbs surrounding the mirror, you can set a couple of it over the mirror for milder and softer dazzle.

There is actually not much difference about being over the mirror. You have more than enough options to apply and ideas to improve the decor as well. Adjusting your bathroom interior style, you can pick one of those ideas above.

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