How to decor a coffee table

How to Decor a Coffee Table Artistically

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A must-have item in the living room is a coffee table.  First impression is matter.

When the guest gathers around in the room, they will gaze into the room decoration and the surrounding furniture.

You want to leave your guest impress with your home? You can start with designing your own wonderful coffee table.

Here are tips about how to decor a coffee table.


1. Use display collection

Begin with the display, just like the things in the Hollywood mansion. Take a look at Manhattan or Beverly Hills, how the celebrity uses something gorgeous in their home. You can add brand like Gucci or Prada in the table respectively to gain attention.

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2. Being Vintage

Do not afraid to use something from the past. It has high quality and lasting value. If you want to use the archaic things, you can grasp the English feeling on it. Go back to the Victorian era and combine the fireplace with a monochrome unique furniture set.

Vintage rattan coffee table decor

3. Use layer with a tray

You can put a tray on your den. It will be more enchanting if the documents and books are easily seen in every layer. It is a simple yet effective way to enhance the minimalism.

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4. Make it contemporary

Designer T. Keller Donoran states that you can make a pattern using a candle if you want to feel the energy of contemporary.

Lantern also can be used to enlighten the room. If you light old-furniture, use the glass of the bottle. 80’s and 90’s aura will spread into the set.

5. Natural element is needed

If you get bored with the hipster things or the luxurious set, try the natural inspiration. Add maple wood as a display, terrarium, cactus, or lily.

There is no need to spend to much money in this design, just look around and find the interior plant. Use the old vase and find the flower in your garden, or use the Aloe Vera plant as a medication. Put the plants around the table and let your table shine!


6. Make a mini bar

If you have an ample table-sized, why don’t you use this idea! Try an extra opportunities to mix and match the scenery.

Barware becomes the option to make the patterns more sophisticated. Put the cocktail, vermouth, or gin as decorative utility when you have to welcome the guest.

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7. Dare to play with the color

You can use color as the base of your design. Do not forget that color has its own meaning. Recall the power of color to boost the performance of the interior itself. For example, the color red has a positive energy.

It is energizing and gives a strong-will. You can design the table with the red-based palette. But remember, do not add too much red color, it will make the person become irritated and angry.

Designing is a matter of passion and style. It is also going hand in hand when you design a coffee table. An eye-catching arrangement is needed to flourish the interior piece. Do the decor artistically and you will get the completely excellent yet effective room.

Outdoor white coffee table decor

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