How to Decorate a Coffee Table with a Tray

How to Decorate a Coffee Table with a Tray for your Magnifying Room

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Tray is the simplest way to make your living room become the center of the attention.

Do you get exhausted with the documents or magazines that mess around on your table? Try to use tray, it will make everything feels neat and cozy.

There are many types of trays. It can be square, rectangle, or oval. Pick the tray that you love the most and begin to make your own magic.

How to decorate a coffee table with a tray for your magnifying room. Keep reading for more ideas.

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1. Make It Simple and Clear

If you love the simplicity in your life, use this approach. You can choose the tray with box shape, put it as a base. Fill the box with some displays of your interest.

Add fresh flowers and let a ray of sunshine shone through the curtain. Sunshine which showers in your simple tray will directly catch the eye of your guest. The room will become bright and lovely in the same time.


2. Keep It Young Forever

Take a deep breath and recall the memories of the school days. Keep your book in the tray with your reading glasses, sense the vibe of old-school era and fly with it. You can pay attention with the layer.

You can Layer the object in the tray from smallest to largest or another way around. Books are the display which is really good to be layered. This style is an artistic rhyme to start the conversation with your friends about the new ideas.

Coffee table with tray top decor ideas

3. Try to Feel the Nature

Explore your love to the nature. Do you want to shop for your decor? Forget about it. You already have the home-made material to design your own tray.

Add some organic plants as the decorative items inside the tray. You can use fresh plant, flowers or terrarium to make it more beautiful. If you like the vintage furniture, combine the design with the wooden chairs.


4. Express Yourself

You can design your tray based on your passion. If you like the art of painting, paint your tray with the color that you like. Do not forget to paint over the table with subtle shades of others smooth colors. Make your guest fell homey and impress with your painting.

You can add your piece of work as an extra treats. You can use height combination.Do not put everything that you like in the tray, you have to varify its height. It will look nice if you can balance the height between the left and the right side on your tray.


5. Make it Functional

If you do not want to go out because of the dismal day or your hactic schedule, you can try these tips. Put candles in the tray and make a romantic moment with the beloved one. Arrange the tray with some texture of classic interior. You can play with the light, make the candlelight dinner in your own living room!

The tray is the property that you can combine with other elements in the house. Let the design of the tray express yourself. You can use more than one approach while designing the coffee table with your tray, it will work well in the room. Pay attention with the decoration and get your spice of live.

Make it functional with coffee table with pop up tray decoration ideas

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