How to Decorate a Large Square Coffee Table

Warm and Cozy: How to Decorate a Large Square Coffee Table like a Stylist

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You cannot miss living room updates if you have a large square Coffee Table. The eye catching design is needed to improve the performance of your room.

There are a lot of misplace things when it comes to decor the big size table.

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Here is the tips to make your display is worth to watch.

1. Make a Contained Grouping

Maintain the balance of the table with so many spaces on it. You can start with grouping the elements based on the similar or dissimilar items.

The cohesion is needed in the arrangements. You cannot put anything with no match coherence in the table, it would be a mess.

Add your collection one by one patiently. It will work with displaying the books or magazine perfectly. You can use the pyramid style and put the miniature in the top of it.

Large square coffee table with storage

2. Make It Simple yet Fresh

When you arrange the table in the simple way, it allows you to breathe by using the left space. If you like to do many activities in your table, you can use the space to work.

Do not put to many ornaments in the table to make it less intimidating. Meanwhile, add some relaxing flower to make you more comfortable.

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3. Grasp the Power of Season

The main point of your house lay in the side of your living room. It will be the first impression of how the people will see you as a family or person.

When season change, try to take the advantage of it. You can decorate your table based on the season. Put fresh tulips or perennials when it comes to spring.

In the summer, you can use something which resembles the sunny day or the miniature of surfing board. When fall comes, place a tray with pumpkin in your table.

In the winter, if you like cocktail party, turn your large coffee table into the mini bar! Spread the power of every season in your home and change the design as well.


4. Add the Traditional Feeling

If you like something traditional, you can organize the sculpture of the vintage art. An antique fireplace is good decoration to accompany your longing of the classic taste.

You also can use monochrome detail in your table; put an object with black and white feature in your table respectively. If you have a sewing machine it would be chic to combine it with the traditional accent.

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5. Don’t Forget to Entertain Yourself

Do you want to hold a movie night with your family? You can do it in your own living room instead of going to the theatre. A large coffee table has an enough space to put some disks and popcorn.

You can also make your table into a relaxing place. Put a vintage Jenga board, chess board, and dominos in your table. You will not realize how the times flew when you begin to play!

A large square Coffee Table is a great place to express your desire. You can also make your impression using your design. Examine every angle while decor the table and you will find that happiness is just around the corner.

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