How to Decorate a Dining Room Table for Fall

How to Decorate a Dining Room Table for Fall

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Fall season is the right time to have some time together with your family.

Thanksgiving Day is a good idea and it also means that your family will gather in your dining room.

So, it will be a great idea to have your dining room table in fall theme and here are some ways that you can try.


1. Get Fall Colors on the Table

Drag the season to your dining table – use reddish table cloth, decorations, and table wares. Match the color of the dried leaves outside to ensure the vibe.

If possible, touch up your decoration with the leaves. For example, wrapping candle holders with the leaves will give out a simple yet eye catching appearance. Be careful not to burn the leaves, though.

Whole dining table decoration for fall

2. Show Them Your Autumn Bounty

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween. It is part of fall bounty, and they are welcome to be on your dining table. However, instead of carving them to scare people, decorate them to be welcoming instead. Use small ones for extra decorations, vase, cookie jar, or even candle holders!

Beside pumpkins, there are varieties of bounties that can be used such as bay leaves, nuts, and berries. As an example, twigs with unripe berries can be used as a simplistic substitute of flowers.

Fall Dining room table centerpieces candles Autumn Bounty

3. Got Antlers?

For those who prefer rustic and simplistic styles, antlers and dried sticks can be used for decorations in fall. Don’t be afraid about the appearance – surely, they look dead as standalone.

However, mix matching them with other colored decoration will give them life. Try arranging antlers as a bowl with pumpkins in it.

If antlers are too hard to be found, use dried sticks in the nearest park to decorate candles. Using twigs with leaves, nuts, and berries left on them as centerpiece also helps.

Fall dining table decor ideas antlers

4. Give Them Warmth

In Thanksgiving, welcoming and warm vibe is especially important. Therefore, don’t forget to give off such vibes. As had mentioned above, putting warm color will help out with fall vibes.

Beside warm colors, putting on some candles and setting the dining table near fireplace can be a good idea.

Besides, they also work as room heater – fending the natural cold weather in the season. If you happen to be unable to put on fire around, use orange or yellow light bulbs to help the vibe.

5. Entice Them with Magnificent Dishes

Nothing will appeal more than big freshly baked turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Truthfully, it is what everyone looks forward to in Thanksgiving. Seeing them fully covering the table is eye catching enough.

Plus, it also tells people that ‘autumn is here’. A table full of fall dishes will also give out vibe of warmth and comfort. So, crowd the table with many dishes. Surely your family and friends will gather and create a true, warm fall vibe.

These ways are easy to follow and you can directly try to decorate your dining table. It will give the atmosphere of fall and it will remind your family to have the warmth of thanksgiving the whole year.

How to Decorate Dining Room Table for Fall. 5 Simple Ideas

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