Thanksgiving dining room table decorating ideas

How to Decorate My Dining Room Table for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a joyful day. You want to enjoy the holiday with your family while eating the delicious food you have prepared.

You also want to decorate your dining room as festive as possible. If you are confused, do not worry! We have some ideas that you may find interesting to try!

In order to make a great impression during the occasion, you do not need big surprises. Some simple, little tricks can also work wonders.

Using unexpected colors and placing hand-written cards can make the moment memorable.

Here is some tips you can try. Check it out.

How to decorate dining room table for thanksgiving

1. Surprising Uses of Color 

Whether you use a simple, modern, natural or vintage concept, making use of unexpected colors combination will create a memorable impression.

For example, you can use some yellow, orange, and red flowers combined with mini pumpkins as the centerpiece. Then, you make a striking contrast by pairing them with iced-blue placemats.

To create an appealing palette, you do not always need to use various colors. Combining two color may result in sophisticated color schemes.

You can contrast dark chocolate brown with crisp white and see the colors complement each other. Pairing white-and-gold plates with green velvet tablecloth will result in undeniable elegance.

If you opt for the vintage concept, be brave to experiment with patterns and textures. Red and gold pair well. The combination looks rich and elegant. Putting an orange leaf on some spots of your classic black-and-white plates is also a good idea. Copper is also great!

Thanksgiving dining table decorations

2. Mixing Dining Utensils and Centerpiece

A black matte table can be decorated with crimson or dark red floral centerpiece to match the red wine. Pair your gilded flatware with spray-painted black mini pumpkins and twigs as the decoration. The red accents will make your table look spectacular!

You can also use gold jars and vases as the centerpieces with white dining table, chairs, and utensils to make a simple modern look in the room. To decorate the table setting you may put some flower papers on the jars. You will create historic holiday memory!

If you love the natural concept, we may share several unique ideas. If you love to arrange flowers, you can choose the ones with “relaxed” color such as light pink and combine them with fresh fruits. The fruits’ color should be vivid to create contrast.

Putting citrus fruit such as the bright-colored satsuma and candles on green leaves will make your table look fresh. Putting candles and spray-painted copper greenery will create a peaceful and elegant impression. You may mix them with spray-painted mini pumpkins too.

Decorating dining table for thanksgiving

3. Memorable Place Cards

Place card should not be boring. If you aim to create a lasting holiday, you must unleash your creativity. Hand-written place cards always look great.

Although you have quirky handwriting, writing the card yourself make the setting more personal.

You can also attach the small cards to pears or use fall leaves as the place cards. Attaching the card to rustic fall leaves or wishbones is also a great idea. Instead of writing your family members’ names, you can use their old photographs too.

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be a great memory. You have to unleash all of your creativity to make the moment last forever in your family members’ memory. You do not need to spend much money. Using surprising and unconventional elements will create a memorable impression.

Thanksgiving dining room table centerpieces


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