Easy Tips Dining Table Decor For Everyday

Easy Tips Dining Table Decor For Everyday

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Why do you need a reason to decorate the dining table? It could have been your daily routine.

Comparing the table full of condiments and a clear table with simple centerpiece, many people would set their eyes on the later one. It is not only about practicality.

Suitable decoration would tempt your family to stop by the table.


1. Fresh Fruits

To make things more attractive, you need colors. Present fruits to fulfill this purpose.

The elegant display would take rattan basket, but you could do it differently. Buy grapes, apples, lemon, orange, and some other fruits you like to eat. Divide them equally into three parts.

Arrange them inside three separated transparent containers, while the base takes fruits with the hardest shell. While waiting for the main course, eat them as dessert!

Glass dining table decor fruit bowl for everyday and white chairs
Image: memorabledecor.com

2. Plants

Another simple option for the centerpiece is potted plant. Make sure you pick the ones with short leaves.

You don’t want the leaves to dip inside the soup or another watery cuisine. It would be great if the plant is not loved by ants.

Take three of them for a long table in the middle of the dining room. Displaying too much would destroy the view. For a small table, one pot should be enough.

6 Ideas to Decorate Dining Table for Everyday

3. Vase

Flowers inside a vase is the most common centerpiece in almost any occasion. Unfortunately, many people can’t just purchase any flowers from the florist.

It is about one’s preference or choice of flowers. Instead of battling between two choices, you could display the vase only.

Altering the height and shape would make a great center piece. If the vases are too plain, then take one or two vase to be decorated.

4. Tray

For a dining table, the tray is one of the most familiar thing you will ever see. It could also be an excellent choice for decoration.

To start with, take the contrastive color. Having similar color would make it look like a camouflage.

For instance, white dining table should be paired with something rusty, like a wooden tray. You could fill the ray with aromatherapy candle or slim vase with several roses or flowers inside.

5. Unique Lantern

Illuminating candles on the table will give you extra work to clean the dripping wax. To solve this problem, you could lit the candles inside the colorful jar.

Take off the lid and arrange them on the table. The colorful shadow would be a bonus, decorating the table without any additional effort.

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6. Tiny Aquarium

If the living plant is too boring for your taste, what about a tiny to medium size aquarium with its wiggling habitats?

The function of centerpiece is to draw the guests’ attention and these tiny fishes definitely catch their attention, especially, when you display colorful and healthy fish. Make sure you change the water before the final presentation.

Or, how cool this ideas, using fish tank aquarium dining table. It’s interesting.

Fish tank aquarium dining table
Image: Lushome.com

In order to make a presentable table, you need more than simple plain table. It is also quite far from complicated impression, since a single centerpiece will make big difference.

Decoration is all about techniques and creativity. For a start up, you could try one of the ideas presented above. Good luck!.

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