How to Decorate for Birthday Party at Home

How to Decorate for Birthday Party at Home

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Birthday is a special moment for the person who celebrates it. That day is a reminder of the time that has passed by and how someone grows in the mean time.

Some value it as the symbol of maturity that deserves its own celebration.

Therefore, meticulous planning is important and the consideration should be clear. In this article, we will learn about how to decorate for birthday party at home. Check it out. Maybe you need it for adopt.

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1. Think About the Guests

First of all, who will attend the birthday party? Referring to your answers, the points below will have to follow and adjust. There are two popular birthday parties: house party and dinner party. If you prefer to have the celebration in the house, then focus on the decoration.

You will need more colors and balloons for kids, and less for adults. Dinner party does not require heavy decoration. Focusing on the menu and table arrangement are good enough.


2. Set a Theme

Because decoration is the heart of the party, you want them to be complement each other. Shoving a lot of decorations into the space will make your room a new cluster area. Ask the birthday person for a theme he or she likes.

If you know him or her better, you can pick one of the favorite thing. Find more information about it: character, colors, and probably preferred food. Use the data to shape the overall decoration and menu if possible.

Birthday party decoration ideas for boy baseball theme

3. Calculate the Budget

Now that you are halfway to finish, perform a rough calculation based on your planning. The cost should include: the ornament stuff, the snacks, the beverages, the cake, etc. Once you are clear with this, you also need to consider how many extra hand to put up the decoration, prepare the cakes and clean up the mess.

Be rational for the whole process. If you need to buy some of the items, just do it. While the party is on, you should be enjoying it instead of resting in your room.

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4. Include the Decoration

Here comes the hard part. Decorating the room is the most enjoyable process, but it consumes almost 40% of the preparation time. Look once again to your blue print. Most birthday party needs balloons, bunting, streamers, birthday banner, cake and finger foods.

Do the decoration first. The cake and finger food should be bought or made days before. Some tools might help for blowing the balloons, but do not forget to keep them in a safe place.

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5. Check Twice for Everything

How many people do you invite? For 50 people, you have to have 60 stocks of cutlery in store. This rule also applies to the other details. If one kilogram of potato chip could serve 30 plates, then get 2.5 kg. The number could be three times bigger for the beverages, since people tend to drink more in the birthday party.

To make sure you do not miss anything, write your own checklist. Do the final check an hour before the celebration starts. This way, you still have time to buy extra stocks.

Celebrating the day of someone’s birth is sometimes nerve-wracking. People who make a special party to celebrate his or her birthday really values the age maturity. No one wants to have a crumbled party. Therefore, you should plan the occasion beforehand very carefully. Consider all the points above and see how you will deal with them.

Birthday party decoration ideas for girl

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