How to Decorate First Birthday Girl Party

How to Decorate First Birthday Girl Party for your Little Lady

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The first year in parenthood is not an easy things yet it is wonderful. It is important that your baby girl turns one year old.

But, when it comes to party, where to start? Make the party into the most beautiful moment of your family.

One important thing to remember is take a lot of photo. It will be beautiful and funny memory that your little lady can see when she grows up.

Of course many other tips to decorate and set up your child birthday party, and it should be considered. Here is 6 tips and nail it!

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6 Tips How to Decorate First Birthday Girl Party

1. Write Special Massage to Your Beloved One

You can use super simple and sweet method to express the love itself. One year in a flash, you realize how the time flew so fast.

Now, let the others know how did you feel, make cute background with gorgeous photo display of your daughter. Everyone will amaze at how you put attention of such details.

2. Work on Indoor and Outdoor Camp

Imagine that summer camp invades the house. Make the kiddos’ camp and make the playground for friends. You can combine it with the southern picnic concept. It is the time for the families to come together.

Using backyard as outdoor camp will be the great things to do. Do not forget to add the tent, lunch tray, and lumberjack cake.

Turn the campground into the wonderful cake station. The butter cream and bacon toping will light the little lady girl.

Outdoor first bday party places

3. Hold a Circus Party

You can give the baby girl the best gift. There are a million things to do but you can start with being a clown. Make your own circus for a day rather than paying someone else to do it worth a million.

Add a circus tent in the backyard, lots of cottons candy, popcorn, and animal sugar cookies. This idea will be the mind-blowing parade for your little girl!

4. Add Some Shining and Shimmering

Beyond the beautiful and perfect details, pay attention to your baby’s interest. If your girl likes flowers, make the amazing floral birthday bash for her. Add lovely backdrops with butterflies and layers of wild flowers.

You can combine it with the glitter pattern a scope of something sparkle. Pay attention to the invitation card and let the others catch the glimpse of the bash. The guests will instantly falling head over heels with this design.


5. Work the Princess Concept

Invite your family and friend into the Disney world where the birthday’s girls is the princess. If your princess likes the mermaid, let her become Ariel for a day.

You can provide the castle cake, balloons, seaweed, and the desserts in the seashells on the table covers, sugar cookies and the floating Olaf.

6. Pose a Modern Bash

Grasp the taste of modernity. If you like a very modern-looking pattern, just use this concept. Add colorful candies, chocolates milk shots, and the miniaturized version of the city for the kiddos to play. You can combine the small city with the food stations and pancake bars.

There are so many concept that you can use for the birthday bash. Let the first party become the guarantee for your love and support.  Let the birthday’s girl smile happily with every effort that you put in the details and make the bash unforgettable celebration ever.

Baby girl first birthday party theme ideas
Baby girl first birthday party theme ideas, image:

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