How to Decorate for 80th Birthday Party

Keep It Unforgettable: How to Decorate for 80th Birthday Party

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Anyone that reaches the age of 80 have been through a lot of things. This person surely deserves a special celebration, 80th birthday party.

It should be different from the regular birthday party. Instead of highlighting the festive atmosphere, go with something decent and sophisticated.

How to decorate for 80th birthday party? These decorations might help you to go with the lifetime theme.


1. Black and White Color with Popping in Red for 80th Party Decoration

Color is the first thing that comes to your mind. You cannot put rainbow all over the room; it will not please the guests. Remember that the honoree has passed its teenage days. Go with the timeless color: black and white.

Infuse the passion with red flowers or small decorations. Coordinate all the items in the table with the dominant colors only: cutlery, glasses, napkin, and table cloth. For the table cover, you can pick either checkered or stripe pattern.

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2. How to Decorate 80th Party with Picture Centerpiece?

In the center of the table, put a piece of honoree memorable pictures. There are several themes you can choose: the wedding day, graduation day, or any other happy day. The bright smile on the picture will enhance the atmosphere.

Print the photos in monochromatic color. Put in into a mason jar. To make it prettier, you can add three pinwheels made from old newspaper. Vary the height and size of the pinwheel. If you hold the celebration at night, replace the pinwheel with candle.

3. Wine Glass and Candle for 80th Party Decoration Ideas

This item has meaningful resemblance with the honoree: wine. As a bottle of wine grows older, the quality becomes more valuable. This aspect is similar to the honoree. Set the wine glass upside down on the table as decoration.

Let some lavender or purple colored flower trapped inside. Place a short candle on the top to create dim light. This setting is easy, but sophisticated and elegant. If you plan to pour the drink into the wine glass, then take out the candle.

80th birthday party decorations

4. Lifetime Garland Decoration Ideas

When stepping into the room and having conversations, your guests will briefly scan the decorations in the room. Let them stop on the garland wall.

They could see the shortened lifetime story of the honoree. Careful arrangement could bring the guests to the sea of memories, allowing them to feel warmth and sadness within the pictures.

You may start from the day the honoree was born, childhood, teenage, and go further until the last grandchildren birth. Should there be any funeral, it is your decision whether to put it in.

5. Milestone of 80 Years Old

The big family must have adored and cared for the honoree for a long time. Express the love through words and songs.

Pick one song that describes the honoree best. Put together some videos and old photos until it becomes a milestone of honoree’s life. Insert some loving opinion and wishes inside.

It would be perfect if the family could make a short video. Play this video on loop as the main event. Without doubt, it will be the best present ever!

Reaching 80 could also mean being the eldest in the family. Create an unforgettable occasion where everybody could rewind the time to the past. Since excessive colors hurts, pick the soft dim instead. Bring back good old memories in celebration. Deliver the memorable moments through every piece of the decoration in the room.

80th bday party ideas

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