Kitchen island with stove top and seating

Kitchen Island with Stove Top, Seating, Sink, and Oven Ranges

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Designing kitchen islands in the house are one way to show off your taste. You can decorate the kitchen island, according to your preference of its utility.

Here are the steps to make the kitchen island looks perfect in your house.

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1. Planning the Design

The first step to do is to plan the concept. It will be different if you want to make a long kitchen island or a round kitchen island.

The features that you want to add in the kitchen islands also become one of the considerations.

If you like the Chicago model, just use the Algonquin style. This style applies the perfect mix between the cooking tools, prepping studs, and the seating. It can be both use as the supper bar or cocktail party.

If you like the modern taste, you can try the Vancouver home design. Use this design by putting the stove in the corner of the islands. It can have two chairs as the seating and maybe more with the appropriate setting. It totally gives the minimalism atmosphere in the kitchen.

Using the monochrome colors is also recommended. The contrast colors between black and white from the stuffs will make the kitchen look classier and more elegant.

Kitchen island with stove and sink

2. Creating the Spacious Room

The second step to decorating the kitchen island is making the space. This approach is useful especially if you want to combine the kitchen islands with seating, stove top, oven ranges, and sink. In order to add those features, you need to make the design as simple as possible.

Begin with adding and creating counter spaces. Lots of counter space gives you enough place to prepare meals. The space can also become an eating place and cooking area. The spacious room also allows you to make some drawers or shelves to put the dishes.

The stove top can be placed in the middle while the oven should be right below it. It is more convenient and practical. With counter spaces on the right and the left side, cooking will be easier to do. However, take one side for the sink so everything is within your reach.

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Simple Tips Using Kitchen Island with Stove Top, Seating, Sink, and Oven Ranges

3. Adding More Seats

The third step is adding the seating. There are options for you while add the seating, you can add the seating in many models like the bar style, low profile style, or minimalism style.

The recommended version is the bar style. This style allows you to have more room in the kitchen. In addition, you can push the chairs below the table if it is not in use. It will make the kitchen tidier than before.

The best seating position will be on the opposite of the cooking area with different level for the counters. It makes distinctive areas between cooking and dining so it is safe as well.

Kitchen island with stove and oven ranges

4. More Tips

The final step in designing the kitchen is adding the stuffs. If you want to add the stovetop and the sink, it is highly recommended if you make it in the same level. It maximizes the function, especially when you want to cook.

In sum, a kitchen island which is completed with the entire features is a valuable addition to the kitchen. It improves your productivity while it elevates the kitchen value too. Make sure it is not too crowded, so it remains safe and fully functional.


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