How to Decorate Dining Table for Birthday

How to Decorate Dining Table for Birthday

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Like on other holidays, your dining table decoration plays significant role on a birthday party. The decoration amps up and define the success of the festivities.

When it comes to decorating the dining table, your options is actually limitless. Enriched with theme and color palette, you have so much to have in a table.

Check out the guide below to find out how.


1. Work with the Theme

When you hold a birthday party, you should have a particular theme to work on.

It can be vintage, 80’s, 60’s, beach party, summer vacation, and many others you can name. Your dining table should have the theme should have this theme as well.

Let’s take an example. If you decide on vintage theme, make sure you use vintage looking plates and glasses, napkin with vintage embroidery, vintage table cards, and maybe rustic centerpiece.

If you put your bring-home-goodies in the table, pack it with vintage box and label it with old times paper. Make all details are about the theme.

2. Consistent in Color Palette

Don’t play to wild with the color. Decide on several colors for decoration palette and use it for dining table decoration as well.

If you want a little twist so it doesn’t look boring, you should consider using it on your centerpiece in small but adequate size.

Let’s take an example. So this is a navy theme birthday, and your color palette includes royal blue, white, red, and pastel blue. Cover half of the chairs with royal blue and the others with pastel blue.

Use stripes table cloth with the color palettes on it with a little grey twist. Red napkin will be nice, while the centerpiece should be a combination of all.

Candle dining table decor for birthday family

3. Items You Must Have in the Table

Several things are fully functional while the others are decoration items. Yet, both will be significant in creating the whole decoration.

You need to have those plates, bowls, glasses, and cutleries of course. Don’t forget the napkin table cards, and plate mat.

To add the spruce, lay down a centerpiece, or a few if it is small enough and your table is long.

You also need accessories, little items that remind your guests of the celebration and the theme, and maybe a little surprise for the guests to bring home with them.

4. Pop It Up

It doesn’t matter if this is a small party or a big one. You need to pop up the decoration. Work with the chairs, and lay down a few decoration items on the table. Hang something from the ceiling and add something tall, even on the table.

Choose several colors for the decoration palette but don’t forget to choose one color for a surprising twist. Be festive.

As you can see, decoration your dining table for a birthday party isn’t that hard. It is more about being playful rather than being impressive.

Show yourself in the decoration and make sure things are just like how you want it. Happy decorating.

Dining table decor birthday party

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