How to Decorate Dining Table for Valentine's day

How to Decorate Dining Table for Valentine to Make a Fascinating Moment

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Valentine means a romantic dinner with your beloved one. You can go to your favorite restaurant, but if you want to make it personal, you can make your own candle–light dinner in your own dining room.

To make it unforgettable for both of you, the atmosphere should support all of your plans. One of the ways is by decorating the dining table.


1. A Vase of Flowers Will Always Do

Yes, this is the simplest way to decorate for most occasion. If you don’t have much time to beautify your place for the dinner date, this is a way to go. The easiest way to do it is by putting a small vase and adding some red roses into it.

Of course, you can pick other flowers with different colors. They can even help you convey your feelings. For instance, yellow flowers are known to show feelings of friendship.

So, learn first before picking the flower colors. Who knows, a bit of learning about flower and color language may help you to come up with conversation topics on awkward stops.

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2. Get a Good Table Cloth

Just by using the right selection of table cloth, you can set a good mood for the romantic dinner. For example, burgundy or wine-red sateen table cloth will give off a classy setting.

However, it is fine to not follow the norm. In fact, following your lover’s taste and liking may give better impact.

Try to follow their tastes carefully. If they like cute things, maybe pastel colored table cloth will appeal more to them.

Make sure the ambience you set is something both of you will enjoy together.

Valentine Dining Table Decor

3. Spread the Flowers

Behold, this step is only for those who are willing to be extra messy. However, if you’re willing to do the efforts, it will surely pay off.

For the ultimate romantic theme, scatter flower petals around your house or at least at the places both you and your date going to be around.

This extra effort will reflect how serious and willing you are. But, note that the cleaning up process will be as extra and serious.

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4. Candle is a Must

Candles are also life savers that can help to set the mood. Depending on your budget, there are various types to choose on.

Of course, simple white one is good enough as long you had good setting. If you’re going for classy and intimate theme, you may as well turn off the lights and scatter candles around. Candles lights will work as the light substitute, giving warm ambience as an extra.

However, it is suggested to not choose the aromatic ones to be put on your dining table because they will disturb the aroma of the food that is served.

Valentine dining table decoration with flower and candle

You can follow the tips above and it is guaranteed that you and your beloved one will have a romantic experience. Furthermore, your spouse will be amazed since you make it personal and only for him or her only. So, happy trying and happy valentine!

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