How to Decorate a Black Glass Dining Table

Ways on How to Decorate a Black Glass Dining Table

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Black is an elegant color and you can have many experiment to make it more fascinating, including for your black glass dining table.

There are many ways that you can try in order to make it beautiful. Not only the aesthetic function but it will give you a kind of fresh yet calm atmosphere.

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1. Give It an Object of Interest

A plain all black table will look plain without any touch up. Therefore, some effort of beautification must be done.

The easiest way to do so is by putting objects of interest on it. It can be a centerpiece, a table runner, or even combinations of them.

However, take note that the way you decorate your table may make the glass appeals or hidden.

For instance, putting bold colors on black glass tables will shift people’s focus to the object of interest instead.

So, if you want to make the glass shines by itself, try putting glass ornaments or thin table runners that can show some opacity of the color underneath.

2. Get Your Brushes to Work

If you like your dinner table to be vast without any interruption on it, the paint is the way to go.

However, don’t paint it whole. Use them to create texture and pattern on the surface. Painting simple stripes or squares with a help from tapes is enough to create interest on the table.

However, make sure to paint from the side that will face down. Painting on the surface might create bad textures on the table top or poison your foods.

Modern black glass dining table decorations with flower pot

3. Use Lamp Reflection Effects

Decorating lamps above the table may also help to decorate it. Their reflections can create great illusions depending on the arrangement.

For example, by putting a glass chandelier above the table may results to interesting shadows and reflections on the table.

There are also other ways to do it such as putting textured or unique-shaped lamp heads. Putting small lights under the table can give bar-like effect.

However, make sure the lamps don’t make too much distraction or shadow on the table’s surface. Shadows and blinding reflections will disturb people to eat their meals on it.

4. Add Something Special Below the Glass

Got some time to spare? Get crafty with your black glass table. There are many DIY tutorials available online on how to make decorations under glass tables.

There are people who set mini Japanese sand garden, beach panoramas, or even light box for futuristic look.

The simplicity or complexity of your dining table is going to depend on your tastes.

However, make sure to integrate the dining table’s style with the theme and design of your dining room. It is fine to make them eye catching.

However, if they stood out too much, they will look awkward rather than appealing.

So, which way you want to try? The simple one or the creative one? Just do not leave your table as it is. Give something so you can enjoy the new and great passion to live your life. Happy crafting!

Round modern black dining table decor


Another idea of decorating a dining room with a black table is replace it with a wooden table. Especially if you don’t like glass.

Adopting a farmhouse style might make your dining room look more character and attractive. Good luck.


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