How to Decorate a Dining Room Side Table

How to Decorate a Dining Room Side Table?

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Beside of main dining room table, you also can find side tables in the dining room. Actually what is the purpose of the existence of those side tables?

For some people, the side tables are functioned as a place to put some tools to be used in the dining table, but for some other people they just put ornaments on it.

However, you can decorate the side table using your own creativity. Here is ideas that you can do.

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1. Arrange Them to Be Art Stages

Every house is their owner’s masterpiece. Therefore, getting extra and putting more decorations on side tables can’t be wronged. Putting decoration with similar characteristics to the dining table or its centerpiece can get the dining room design stronger.

Such efforts will give off a sense of unity of the whole room. However, be careful to not make them appeal too much. If the side decorations appeal more, they will make the room design lost focus or even made it over crowded.

2. Make Them Useful

There’s nothing wrong for being practical either. In fact, their function was to make dining easier in the first place. And with the right choice and arrangement, they can look artistic too.

For example, a fruit bowl or dining utensil rack is a simple option to go.

If you are hosting dining party and the table is over-crowded, utilize the side tables to put towels, beverage jugs, or anything else that is not needed every second of the party.

Make sure to not over-crowd those tables either as they will give untidy impressions.

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Dining table room side buffet decoration ideas

3. Put Your Hall of Fame Along with It

Do you have photos over the years and doesn’t have any walls to fit them? Don’t just throw them away or store them in dusty albums – the side tables can be used to make those photos appeal. Just frame pictures of your choice and arrange them there.

If there are numerous photos, try to get uniform size of frames and pictures.

However, if there are only a few photos that will be displayed, it’s fine to vary the sizes and frame designs. The point is not make the room too complex nor too uninteresting.

4. Install a Mirror for Bold Look

For those who like bold designs, putting a mirror on the wall above the side table can be a good choice. Surely, the table may look quite useless there.

However, it actually borders the mirror from the floor above, giving illusion as if the mirror captured the whole room.

This trick will especially work in small rooms. Mirrors are known to expand the view of any room, making it seem vast and not overcrowded.

Depending on how big your dining room is, pick the right mirror frame. If it’s not too roomy, pick simple frames. Avoid fancy frame designs as they can create oppressing vibe.

See, you can choose on what way you will decorate the table side. Make it personal so your dining room will give a good atmosphere to start your day in your dining room.

Side dining table decor with frame or wall mirror ideas

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