How to Decorate a Small Dining Table

How to Decorate a Small Dining Table

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Decorating small dining table can be tricky. You want them to be fully functional yet look great as well. You are not alone. Many people share the same confusion.

Yet, we would be glad to help you. Using this simple tricks, you can make your small dining table look stunning.

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1. Apply Great Combinations!

Small dining tables are created to save space in your dining room. Combining the table with a banquette create a classic combination.

It makes not only the table but also the room corner look elegant. You can also put built-in banquettes and shelves next to the wall to create the same impression.

If you happen to sacrifice your dining table to be your workplace as well, do not worry. You can use the type machine, globe, and other stationery as decorations. Just arrange them smartly and the “vintage” table can be used as a buffet in a party.

Instead of chairs, you can use a bench. It may seat two people while giving guests a unique sight. Using two banquettes also work wonders. You can also create some storage under the seats.

Combining various styles can be great. You can either opt for simple, modern, vintage, warm concept. Mix them with furniture displaying the same look. Be creative in experimenting with patterns and textures.

How to decorate a small round dining table

2. Unusual Positions

Although it is considered a no-no generally, putting your small dining table against the wall is actually an excellent idea. Besides saving space, you can make a great view.

You can put them against a window. Using a flip out table that you can fold down can create an artistic impression as well by putting a simple centerpiece.

By using two banquettes like what we have explained before, you can make a comfy booth in a narrow corner. Putting your table against the window can also make both the dining table and room look great. Combine it with banquettes, pillows, and curtains which have bright or pastel colors.

How to decorate simple wooden small rustic dining table

3. Putting Sophisticated Decorations

There are various ways to decorate your dining table. We have told you that you can put your table against the wall beside in the center of the room. The decorations might differ according to the table position and table shape.

If your table is located in the center of the room, you may put a long tablecloth on your small table. Then, add a simple yet eye-catching centerpiece.

The forms may vary. It can be a vase containing some flowers, a bowl or a basket of fruits. You can even use a terrarium or even a typewriter!

If the table is circular, you may not need a tablecloth. Furthermore, if the table is next to the wall or the window, you should place the decoration on the edge of the table near the window. Hence, you save space if you eat with a guess.

It is important to consider the chairs’ color as well. You want the dining room to look bright and warm. You can do it by choosing two tones which complement each other. For example, you can use deep, vivid colors to contrast crisp white.

How to decorate a small square dining table

These are some useful tips that you may implement in decorating your small dining table. You can still make the table look outstanding despite its small size. Using the best combinations of colors, furniture, and decorations, you can amaze your family and guests!.

How to Decorate a Small Dining Table with flower pots and white chairs

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