How to Decorate Old Vintage Oval Dining Room Table

How to Decorate Old Dining Table: Simple Ideas

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A dining table’s important furniture at a home as it represents a homeowner’s prosperity, wealth, and way of life.

Albeit it’s important, many families still don’t pay much attention to it, resulting in the table getting old and outdated.

Check your dining room, or your outdoor  dining table, if you think you have similar issue, check out our recommendation on how to decorate your old dining table below.


1. Refinish the Finish

You may think that your dining table has got the proper finish. But, you may get surprised too know what a new finish can do to your old dining table.

If you no longer love the look of your dining table, get it refinished! Simply add an arresting and bold color that will be a great makeover to your old dining table.

Yet, if don’t want to go with the bold, opt the subtle sanding. Make the new finish more modern so you can have a drastic change to the whole look of your dining table.

2. Add a Table Cloth

Using table cloth is one of the easiest ways to alter the look of your old dining table. Not only is it easy, it is also less permanent. Once you get bored with the existing table cloth, change it right away with new pattern.

This decoration idea may sound simple but it does give effect to your old dining table by bringing in the bold.  If you want your dining table to more calm and soothe, choose a natural material for the cloth.

Meanwhile, if you want to shake the space up, opt a patter for the cloth. One more thing, you can add flowers on it.

Pink Modern Oval Dining table cloth ideas for small space

3. Distract with Chairs

You really want to do makeover to your old dining table but you feel reluctant to do much effort? Well, work with the chairs then! Making over the chairs is already able to add a new touch to your dining table.

What you can do to make over the chairs are giving them a new paint to the whole surface or just dipping their legs, or covering them with cushions or your DIY sewn fabric for the back of the chairs.

The new touch to the dining chairs will take less attention to the not-so-interesting table. Besides, you can also make over your chairs by giving a mixed medley of different kinds of chairs.

How to decorate old dining table using distract with chairs

4. Shine a Light Fixture

If you want to decorate your old dining table but you don’t work much as in decorating the table and the chairs, you can just simply add amazing light fixture.

As how a set of dining chairs can distract your attention from a dining table you don’t like, an arresting and bold light fixture can too.

If you think you cannot afford to buy light fixture, you always have a choice of carrying out a DIY project.

Once you’ve got the light fixture, hang it over your dining table. The light will attract eyes upward and less to the dining table.

Shine a Light Fixture for old dining table decor

Decorating an old dining table is no longer a complicated task now. You have plenty of choices on how to decorate it: change the chair, add a light, add a table cloth, or give a new finish. Choose the one that suits both your budget and your available time.

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