How to Decorate a Glass Dining Table

How to Decorate a Glass Dining Table

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Having a glass dining table is can bring the contemporary finish and chic style for the dining room.

On the other hand, decorating it can be hard since not all decoration is suitable to be the centerpiece for the glass dining table.

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1. Glass

Decorating the glass table using another glass can be the option since they will be a perfect combination with the same material.

Moreover, it will emphasize the elegant finish for the dining table itself.

The glass decorations that can be chosen are varied. A group of glass vases can bring the dynamic style for the table.

The vases can be transparent of with different motives, add with leaves or flowers to bring the dining table to life.

Glass oval dining table decoration using glass and bottle

2. Candleholder

Decorating the glass dining table with candleholder can bring the romantic atmosphere of the dining room.

Choosing the right candleholder is also a little bit difficult since not all kinds of candleholders is suitable with this glass dining table.

The solution is to choose a glass candleholder so that it will be a perfect harmony with the elegant glass dining table.

Glass dining table decor with candleholder

3. Flowers

The decoration that will never get out of style is flowers. This kind of decoration is simple yet effective to bring a warm and cozy atmosphere of the dining room.

Lilies can be the option to be the decoration since they will set the tone of the glass table. Another option is by grouping the flowers with the same color so that they will be the perfect combination to make the glass dining room warmer.

The unthinkable kind of flower for decoration is succulent. This can be the unique decoration to accompany the glass dining table.

Moreover, placing some potted succulents on the table will make the table more elegant and classy.

Glass dining table decor with Flowers

4. Bowl

Another important thing to consider is decorating the glass dining table using bowl. The bowl itself can be the key element the table.

Besides, flowers are chosen to be the decoration, choosing the right bowl should be paid attention to.

Choosing gold bowl for the combination between flowers and succulent can bring the classy style for the table, but choosing the glass bowl will bring the simplicity to the table itself.

Square glass dining table decoration using bowl fruit

5. Fruits

The last decoration that can be used for the glass dining table is fruits. Fruits can be the correct choice since it will not only be the decoration, but it will also be useful to provide the healthy snacks.

Placing the oranges in white bowl can be the eye-catching element for the table.

Fruit tray decoration for round glass dining table ideas

Moreover, the vibrant color of the oranges can be the element for color pop that is very popular style for decoration.

Or placing the lemons on the blue bowl can also be the answer if the pop color style wants to be emphasized.

Since the glass dining table can be hard to decorate, choosing the correct decoration can be very important.

For the position, the decoration can be placed in the middle or in one side of the table to make the classy and elegant looks.

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