How to decorate living room coffee table when not in use using pot flower and other materials

How to Decorate Table When Not in Use

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Dining room can be a center of the activity at home. This dining room should be decorated in some ways so that it will be beautiful, especially the table itself.

Since the table will not be moved daily, there should be some decorations to occupy the table both when in use and not in use.

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1. Flowers or Plants

The easiest way to decorate the dining table is using flowers or potted plants. Place the flowers or potted plants in a vase or some vases if you want, but remember to consider the number so that they will not empower the table itself.

Another suggestion is to choose the flowers or potted plants that are not too big to be placed in the table since they will disturb the views.

Dining room table decor when not in use with flower or plant in the vase pot

2. Fruit

Putting the fruits in a bowl or clear glass container will bring a different color for the dining table.

Mix different fruits with different colors and place them on the center of the dining table so that they will be the main attention of the table.

Moreover, using fruits as a decoration is very useful since the fruits can be eaten and you will be healthy at the same time.

How to Decorate Table When Not in Use with fruit

3. Tray

Decorating the dining table using tray is very practical since the tray will be useful in storing small things and it can be easily moved when you need to use the table.

Other than that, the material of the table itself should be concerned so that it will accompany the table and create a warm atmosphere.

Coffee table living room decor when not in use with tray

4. Candle

Another item to be placed in the dining table is candle. The pillar candle type is suggested so that it will be long lasting and create a warm atmosphere.

Combining some candles to be placed in the centerpiece of the table dining is also permitted as long as the candles do not take a lot of space and empowering the table itself.

Other than that, scented candles can be chosen so that the candles can help to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere to the dining room.

Table and cabinet decor when not in use with candle and flower pot

5. Vase

The last item that can be used to decorate a dining table is vases. Choose some vases that have different colors or motives but they are nice if they are placed together. Place the vases at the center of the table to create a pop style.

Table decor with vase when not in use look fresh and rustic natural

6. Tablecloth

The last decoration that can be used in decorating the dining table is tablecloth. The tablecloth here should be suitable with the type of the table itself.

It will make a pretty place for the dishes on the table and it will not disturb the surrounding items. The important thing in using the tablecloth as a decoration is that it will protect the table from spills, scratches, or even markers.

Tablecloth decoration for dining table when not in use

Some things should be concerned when choosing the suitable decoration for the dining table. The important thing to be thought is to choose the decoration that will not empower the table itself.

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