How to Decorate Shelves in Family Room

How to Decorate Shelves in Family Room

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Family room is the place where you and your family have family time. In every family room, there must be shelves on the middle of it.

The shelves usually are for the TV to be put on. But, decorations can be put there to enhance your room atmosphere.

These are the decorations that might interest you.


1. Classy Jewelry/Watch Box

Do you have a jewelry box or a watch box? Don’t keep it in your bedroom. Place it on your family room shelf. It would be even better if the box has engraving on it and it also looks like an antique. This way, the box will give classy atmosphere for your family room.

If you are not feeling safe by putting your jewelry or watch in your family room, try buying another jewelry or watch box; this one is solely for decoration in the family room.

2. Books as Decorations

Books are the most common ones used not only as reading materials but also as decorations. There are things need to be considerate if you want to put books on your shelves.

First of all, you need to measure the thickness. Don’t put a really thick book; or it would not be a great decoration.

Second, look for books with great covers that have soft or natural colors. Make sure the colors do not stand out too much or it will ruin other decorations.

If you want safe color choices, pick beige, cream, white, navy, black, dark green, and yellow. Make sure books with darker colors are not as many as the other colors. Books with darker colors are only for balancing the other colors.


3. Plants on Tiny Pots

Have you ever considered plants to be inside of your house? Yes, it is risky. Giving your family room a plant decoration may cause insects like flies, mosquitoes, and bees to enter your house; but with great maintaining it won’t be happened. Just make sure you pick the right plant and the right pot.

Choose small pots made especially for indoor placement. The plants also need water and sunlight, so take it outside and give it water every morning and afternoon.

If using real plants take too much time, you can always use artificial plants. This way, you don’t have to take care of them except cleaning the dust and it is insect-free.


4. Family Pictures

What’s the point of a family room without family pictures? Choose the best pictures of you and your family and put them on the shelves. To be various, you may want to buy more than one size for the frames and design.

For the design, don’t make sure they enhance each other; too many different designs would ruin your decoration. Keep it simple yet decorative.

How about those decorations? Those decorations may create classy, harmonious, and calm atmosphere in your family room if mixed together.

The classy atmosphere comes from the jewelry/watch box, the harmony comes from family pictures and plants, and the calm atmosphere comes from the books. Now that you know the decorations for your family room shelves, how creative will you be?.

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