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How to Clean Cubicle Walls at Home from Dust in Easy Ways

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Not a few people already applied this style, cubicle walls, at their home.

As a result, not only offices that has these styles, because today’s era are love to apply the minimalist one into their part of the house.

The reason, because the minimalist styles are unique and able to give the owner of the house to maximize the function of their houses in a very good way.

How to clean cubicle walls from dust

Besides, not only best for minimalist house and help the owner to maximize the spaces, cubicle walls also great to be used as the office space that can be designed with some beautiful and simple partitions as the comfortable workstations.

However, most of people or the owner of the house tends to confuse when they are trying to clean cubicle walls and it does not mean good because this place can be an attractive one at your house. Therefore, in helping you with that case, we are providing you some tips.

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Remove All the Stuffs from Cubicle Walls

The first tip that’s best for you to clean your cubicle walls is to make sure that you already removed all the stuffs form your cubicle walls. The reason, because cluttering is the beginning step that you have to do in all cleaning process. Besides, to make sure you do the next step, please put out all the stuffs or even items that is adhered in your cubicle walls.

Furthermore, it is also good for you to choose the use and unused stuffs and put them all, especially if it is no longer used you can put them all into the trash. Please remember that cleanness is everything! Without cleaning, your precious or even wonderful things only a thing that is left over.

Moreover, you also have to remove the items for the space that is mostly used by you. Make sure that all of the items that needed are put in the right box or other place that you think it is easy to get and access.

In addition, you also can separate the stuffs or even the items in different box or place based on their purposes. If this beginning step is already done, it means that you are ready to go to the next step!

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Do Vacuum as the Main Step to Clean

The second step that you can do is to do vacuum as the main idea for you to clean. You can use vacuum cleaner first as the best idea for you to clean the cubicle wall before do clean the walls with scrub brush. This step, do vacuum, is the greatest idea for you to clean your cubicle wall, especially since it helps you to remove the dust that already accumulated and hard to get.

In addition, I suggest you also to take and start at the top of the wall first. It will help you to make sure that the top part of your walls were already clean. Then, you can go downwards slowly. Make sure that all of the accumulated dust is already gathered in the vacuum.

Use a Mild Liquid Detergent For Better Results

The last step that we suggest is to use a mild liquid. You can combine it with water and put the quarter cup of liquid detergent to the basin that you already prepared. If the detergent is already done, you can use brushes to clean the part of the cubicle walls that you think still need to be cleaned.

In brief, those three are three simple and best ways that you can do to clean the cubicle walls. Make sure that you do in circular motion. Happy trying!

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