How to Clean Concrete Walls before Painting

How to Clean Concrete Walls before Painting: The Simple Things that you can do in Your Exterior House

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Having a beautiful and wonderful house is a dream for every person in the world.

It means, not a few people are dreaming to have a beautiful house and of course, able to set based on their likes.

However, when they are having a chance to have a great house, most of them tend to confuse, especially in taking care of them.

As a result, many of their furniture, design; such as interior design or even exterior designs, and other stuffs are abandoned.

How to clean concrete walls

The things that should be beautiful and able to attract people is no longer beautiful, because the owner is cannot take care and even maintain the beauty of their house.

A sad thing, is not it? Nevertheless, do not be worry or even confuse to take care all of those designs and furniture in your lovely house.

The reason, because we will help you in providing some good tips that simple and you can do by yourself, especially in cleaning the concrete walls before painting the walls. So, are you interested to know more? Here they are!

Large concrete wall tiles for bedroom
Large concrete wall tiles for bedroom

1. Things that You Need to Clean

Before going to the next step of the cleaning times, you have to prepare some stuffs and items! Especially all of them that is able to support your cleaning section. So, are you ready to clean and throw all of dust and mold?

Furthermore, you will need some stuffs; such as bucket, rubber gloves, eye protection to protect and avoid the bad chemicals to your eyes because here we are going to use Trisodium Phosphate that will used as the liquid cleaner.

Moreover, stiff brush or scrub brush is also needed to brush and clean the concrete walls later. Furthermore, plastic sheeting is also important, especially that you can use to cover your floor, and the last thing is you will need powdered dish detergent or half cup of chlorine bleach and non-ammonia dish soap that later can be used as the cleaner agents for your concrete walls.

Concrete wall art ideas
Concrete wall art ideas

2. So, How to Deal with Those Stuffs?

So, let us see and discuss together, how to deal with those stuffs that we already prepared to clean our concrete walls. The first thing that you can do is to make sure that you already covered the floor with plastic sheeting. It will help you to avoid the dirt that can be happened into the floor.

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Besides, you also can start to take the vacuum cleaner as the best stuff to clean the concrete walls first, especially in cleaning the place of your concrete walls that is hard to reach. This stuff will help you to work quickly and well for dusting off the walls. Moreover, other things that you should prepare is to fill the water or around one gallon with water into the bucket.

If it is done, now let us add quarter non-ammonia dish soap into the water that you already prepared before in the bucket. Make sure that the water and non-ammonia dish soap is already mixed well. To make the best result in cleaning the concrete wall that is not already painted, you also can add another bucket that you should fill with warm water.

The next step that you can do is to wring the rag and then try to wipe down your walls. Next, you can use a stiff or scrub brush with water that you already filled with soap to scrub the walls. Do all of the steps until concrete walls clean and then wash it all with warm water or with half cup of chlorine bleach to make sure that the walls is already cleaned.

In brief, those all the simple ways that you can do. You will not need to find any difficulties because it is easy to do. Happy cleaning!

Basement concrete wall paint ideas
Basement concrete wall paint ideas

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