Best paint color for bedroom with cherry furniture

Top 5 Best Paint Color for Bedroom with Cherry Furniture

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Cherry wood furniture is known for its elegant craft and its glamour looks. The color of the furniture itself is difficult to be mixed due to its dark-reddish brown color.

To balance bedroom color with cherry furniture, it is better to mix it with creamy, warm, cool, or dark colors to make the bedroom more comfortable.

But if you still confuse about question about, what color bedroom furniture should i get?, maybe you need read this explanation. Keep reading.

Mixing furniture colors in bedroom

1. Oil based vs. Water Based

Before discussing about the colors, the color base needs to be chosen first. By using oil based colors, the wall will have attractive gloss with a smooth finish and it becomes durable too.

By using water based colors, there are a few advantages. First, the painting will be easy to be cleaned up by using water. It dries quickly and it has resistance to cracking. In addition, it has low levels of toxic emission too.

Ivory color bedroom furniture

2. Creamy Milk

Cream is a beautiful color, it shows simplicity yet warmth. Cream is yellowish white. It is whiter than yellow. Do not choose cream paint with more yellow or it will not mix well with the cherry furniture.

It is better if you choose creamy white. Not only simplicity, it also shows elegance that is compatible with cherry furniture’s dark-reddish color.

Cream bedroom walls colour schemes cherry furniture sets

3. Warmth without Harm

As for warmth color, beige is the best color. Coloring your bedroom wall beige will make your bedroom looks like it is filled with harmony while it also looks comfortable.

Beige helps to balance the dark color of the cherry wood, but installments like windows are needed for lighting. A beige colored room would feel bland without sunlight.

Light colored bedroom furniture beige and brown

4. Cool, Calming Colors

Blue is also a nice color for a bedroom with cherry furniture, especially Sleepy Blue. Sleepy Blue is blue with bright color, giving a vintage look when mixed with cherry wood furniture.

The dark-reddish brown on the cherry wood is balanced with it, yet it would be better to add mirrors or furniture with bright color to give the bedroom not only vintage look but also calm, beautiful, and girlish touch.

Blue bedroom wall colour schemes for cherry furniture sets

5. Dark Slumber

The most important thing is to make the bedroom as comfortable as possible, choosing wrong dark colors for the bedroom may turn it gloomy.

The recommended colors are dark-greenish gray, navy, and dark gray. Never use black color unless you use normal beds. Dark-greenish gray gives soft looks for the bedroom.

It would be better if you put some plant decoration and other furniture like a mirror with wood-material frame to create natural and down to earth look.

Navy is also good to be mixed with cherry furniture, but it needs to be noted that not all of the bedroom wall need to be painted navy. It could be mixed with creamy white to give it a clean look.

Dark gray would give the bedroom peaceful look as well. At this point, it will be better if it is applied on the wall of smaller bedroom or the peaceful look could not be shown.

Colors on the wall of a bedroom build looks and nuances that can look different depending on your creativity in arranging them. Whether you put creamy, warm, cool, dark colors, or other furniture, the looks and nuances of your bedroom is yours to choose. Make sure your choice delivers your mood best.

Natural color bedroom furniture


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