How to remove mold and mildew from concrete patio

How to Remove Mold and Mildew from Concrete Patio

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Concrete patio needs to be cleaned daily or mold and mildew may grow on its surface.

Your patio would be uncomfortable to have your dine in if there are mold and mildew disturbing your scenery.

So in this article we will discuss about how to remove them from your concrete patio.

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1. Know Your Material

Before we discuss about how to remove the mold and mildew, you need to know your concrete materials.

Is your concrete patio made from wood, stone, or cement? If yes then those are the materials that often get grown by mold and mildew.

Usually mold and mildew grow on indoor walls that have high humidity, but how could outdoor concrete get mold too? It is because of water. Mold and mildew feed on water, that’s why they can also grow on the outdoor.

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2. Pick Your Chemical

There are many chemicals that can be used from your household to help removing mold and mildew on your concrete patio; some of them are vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and detergent.

These chemicals are often found to have strong antibacterial and disinfectant which are able to kill the fungus on mold and mildew.

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3. Grab Your Tools

The chemicals would not work without tools, so these are the tools to remove mold and mildew on your concrete patio: broom/vacuum cleaner, spray bottle, water hose, dry cloth and scrub brush.

Also, do not forget to wear safety glasses, mask and rubber gloves to prevent skin irritation and respiration problems.

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4. Follow the Steps

Before applying the chemicals, clean the concrete first by using broom or vacuum cleaner. Do not leave any sand, debris, dirt, or dust on it.

After it is cleaned, the chemicals can be used. Using vinegar is the easiest way, because it is only needed to be put inside the spray bottle and no need to be mixed with anything.

After that, spray it on the concrete and let it sit for a while. Then, scrub the mold and mildew using the scrub brush until they are removed and rinse the surface with water.

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Last, let it dry by rubbing dry cloth on it. But, if you choose bleach, do not take off your rubber gloves and mask; the fumes from bleach may cause irritation or dizziness if inhaled.

These steps apply with other chemicals except detergent. Detergent is used if you choose bleach; it is for disinfectant for fumes caused by the bleach.

5. Learn the Danger

The fungus on mold and mildew are known to be hazardous for health, inhaling it could be dangerous for asthmatics.

If the mold and mildew are left to be grown and it becomes large, the danger could also increase, it can even lead to death. Do not let it grow, remove it immediately and do cleaning routines at least once a week.

The conclusion is, mold and mildew can grow out from concretes if there is water for them to feed on. If they grow large, they could be hazardous and dangerous for you and your family’s health. To prevent that so it will never happen, extra caution needs to be applied by doing cleaning routines.

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How to Remove Mold and Mildew from Concrete Patio

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