How to Decorate a Wall behind a Couch

How to Decorate a Wall behind a Couch as your Own Gallery

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What do you want to console behind your couch? Do not leave it empty. The wall behind is the most focal point.

You have to pay attention to it. Spell the magic from your own home and make the people adore it.

1. Choose Your Artwork

If you want to impress your guest, gallery wall can be the way to show it. Make the wall as your own gallery. The first thing that you have to do is choose what you want to hang there.

There are many options to display the art. If you like photography, hang the photos there. If you like painting, show the people your taste and put your collection in the wall.

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2. Hang It Perfectly

After you choose the artwork, the second step is learning how to hang it. Pay attention to the way you put the collection, it is matter.

You can go vertical or horizontal as long as it matches the taste. If you like the concept of the only one wall, put one large piece of art.

Stick with the symmetrical pattern if you choose this concept, it will make your guest stay focus while enjoying the art. Use clockwise design when you like to emphasize the change of season in the photos.

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3. Matching It with the Colors

Establish the mood of your work. You can go with the plain white or gray if you like minimalist and monochrome design. But if you like to take a challenge and experience the power of the colors, paint the walls with more bright colors.

For example, you can use the mix of green and blue to make the atmosphere more relaxing. Charlie Cosby, the head of creative designer state that the color that you select should make the artwork really pop.

Therefore, to make it as a highlight, you can paint the gallery different from the other wall.

How to Decorate a Wall behind a Couch as your Own Gallery

4. Add Mirrors

Do you like the reflection of yourself? Put the mirrors on the wall. There are various styles of the mirrors, choose the one with the frames. It will look artistic to blend with the displays of the photos or the paint.

If you want the taste of the Manhattan interior, try to create panels of antique mirrored-glass like the designer Todd Romano. It blends well with the paint of Louis XVI. If you like sculpture, you can use mirrors panels to create the vintage sense in the wall.

Add mirror to decorate a wall behind a couch

5. Match It with the Furniture

Blend the wall with other things like end tables where you can put the table lamp and flowers. If you like music, show off your collection by putting the guitar or violin in the corner of the wall. You also can match it with book shelves to display books.

Gallery in the living room will be the best idea to show the people about your sense. Make the people impress on how you pay attention to the placement of every detail. Utilize the wall and establish the new mood while lying down on the couch.


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