How to Decorate A Glass Top Coffee Table

The Strategies on How to Decorate a Glass Top Coffee Table

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The easiest and hardest coffee table type to furnish is glass top coffee table. It is facile because of the transparency: basically any room pattern will stand out.

At the same time, it is hard because you need to find the perfect balance to accentuate the table itself.

Prepare paper and pencil because you are going to make the decoration plan by applying these strategies.


1. Make a Pretty Stack

Create a classic atmosphere in your room by stacking some items into a beautiful pyramid. Start with the base. You can pick a rattan, iron, or plastic platter of any color for the bottom. Make sure the platter is big enough to frame all the things inside it.

Rummage the storage room and look for some of your book collection. Pile them up, about three or four books will do. In the top, put a tiny candle to provide the dime illumination at night.

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2. Light the Lantern

How to outshine the invisible? Shine a light on it. Actually, you can use any candle to fit this goal. For aesthetic reason, it will be better for you to put the candle in a lantern.

The frame of the lantern will create certain shadow that will embellish your glass coffee table. Oversize lantern will be the best option.

You can also display some candle holder or some tiny short candles to light the bottom side. Be creative with the color of the candles, so they will be pretty at day and night.

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3. Put Variation of Bottles

Get the glass top coffee table in a reunion with glass bottles. Take all the colors out: dark green, brown, anything that you love. But remember, do not paint your bottles.

The function of this glass bottle is to filter the lights. As the result, your glass coffee table will have smears of colors when the sun shines through the window.

For prettier shadow, also play with its size and height. It will be a perfect show if you arrange the table in line with the source of the light.

Square coffee table with glass top

4. Utilize It as Display Glass

As mentioned above, the glass will show everything beneath it. Why don’t you put a show right under the table? Take some of your woven shopping bags or old wooden package box. Arrange your favorite stuffs inside the bag and let your guests enjoy the display.

To help you organize the items, you can take small iron shelf. It will be a short journey by yourself. The glass shield on the top helps you to prevent any dust to come inside.

5. Lay a Cover

Do you remember how a fictional character could disappear with certain coat? You will be exactly the opposite. Bring the glass coffee table to live with table cloth on top of it.

Finish it with simple, fresh flowers or artificial plants. You could also put a big cloth to wrap the table. Let the cloth touch the floor.

Dirt would not be the problem as long as you put a rug under the table. Your guest could enjoy the motive on the cloth, but beware of the stain from snacks or desserts.

It may be hard to bring the transparent color into solid one. The glass does not reflect, it just lets the light goes through, like an expressway. Put some solid things to frame its legacy. Instead of being invisible, you could bring the coffee table under the spotlight with the simple tips.

Glass top coffee table with wood base

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