How to Decorate A Round Glass Coffee Table

The Formulas: How to Decorate a Round Glass Coffee Table

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When you first buy the round glass coffee table, you might be impressed by how elegant it is.

In addition, no sharp edges found, ensuring you and your family’s safety. From the moment you put it in the middle of the room, you will notice that something is not right.

It needs more sparkle, but adding decoration might be too much. Here some ideas to decorate a round glass coffee table.


1. Plus The Books and Plants

If you do not like little decorations to fill up the empty space, tall plants and books will make great alternatives. The function of the tall plants is to add the height of the table. Put three stacks of three books on the table.

By doing this, there will be equal angles from all sides. Besides, the intelligent beauty of the books will enhance the little scenery on the table. There are still enough spaces to put the glass and the dessert plate.

Round glass coffee table metal base

2. Plus Round Tray and Decor

Layer is one option to consider. Pick a round tray that would cover half of the table. Any color would do, but white is preferred for its spacious effect. Miniature plant takes its role in this setting.

You can use the real plant or the plastic one. Put small size books on top of the tray. It will be great if you have any small ceramic pot or figurine. Place the ceramic item next to the plant.

Finish it with a patterned metallic or glass tray on top of the book. Fill it with aroma therapy flowers or fake pearls.

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3. Plus Rectangle Tray, Decor and Books

Round on round is love, but how about playing with contrast? Instead of round tray, use a rectangle tray. For this setting, you still need tall decoration: candles, vase, or figurine to give tall effect. Stack two books for the first pile and three books for the next one.

The more color and pattern you add to the table, the more complex theme will be delivered to your guest. Using a tray is so convenient because you can move and redecorate it anytime you want.

Round glass coffee table gold

4. Plus Natural Elements

The naturalist could also pour the ideas of environment on the round table surface. Flower vase is outdated and too boring.

Pick a wooden net basket and put woody decoration such as dried leaves and pine. Bring the beauty of autumn to your room. It is light decoration without losing its elegant composure.

You can also put the dried curvy branch on a metallic vase or pottery to replace the wooden basket. This setting applies when you have the corner round glass table.

5. Plus Eccentric Leg

The glass would always look as it is. No pattern carved means plain and transparent glass. Spice it up a little bit with patterned leg. You can put the round glass on the ceramic barrels.

You can see through the glass, and these legs will be sturdier than the normal leg. If you’d like, you can also put it on tree roots. The asymmetrical shape is another form of art itself.

It is true that the round glass coffee table has the chic look. However, it will stand together with the other furniture. There should be a way to make the table blends into the room to display unity. Take one of the formulas above and apply it to your table. Better, you can also alternate each formula for different days.

Round coffee table legs

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